Oldies But Goldies: Patti Smith At Amoeba, Thursday October 11th 2012

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Patti Smith


The good news is that Patti Smith has an upcoming intimate concert at the Teragram Ballroom on April 4th, the bad news is that it is sold out, and has been for a long time… well you still have vividseats if you really want to see her at this tiny venue. Me? I was able to see her at another intimate place when she performed at Amoeba in 2012. I can’t believe it has been 5 years already, and I can’t believe I got so close to a legend. She got a bit political that day, and I just wonder what she’s gonna say about the subject on April 4th. What can Patti Smith say about Trump that hasn’t been said already? She is not a trite person, she is the opposite of that, so she will probably come up with something to say about our disastrous election. She can’t stay silent about it, it is why she is Patti  Smith

This is what I wrote on Thursday October 11th 2012:

When the godmother of punk offers you a free in-store concert at Amoeba, you don’t hesitate, you brave the storm – yep there was a big one in LA on Thursday – you skip a late afternoon work meeting, and you brave the LA traffic, terrible on Sunset Boulevard for some reasons that night. And many people had braved all the things above, just like me, so that the store was already packed when I arrived around 5 pm.

Patti Smith arrived on stage with her band, looking exactly as I remember her – I had seen her a few years ago – with disheveled long hair and an oversized black jacket, looking cool and serene at the same time, using her arms a lot, speaking slowly with her deep voice. Despite the large crowd, there was an imposing silence,… ‘You are so quiet’ she said after her first song ‘Redondo Beach’, a song she said she sang at their first in-store ever, as she couldn’t stop praising Amoeba and its American record store glory.

Nevertheless, she had to play a few songs from her new album ‘Banga’ – named after a dog in Bulgakov’s ‘The Master and Margarita’ – and she did, starting with ‘April Fool’, a rather poppy one carrying her unique signature of poetic storytelling.

Patti Smith has always been a sort of mystery to me, singing epic songs like ‘Because the Night’, and ‘People have the Power’, and writing lyrics stuffed with literary, historical and religious references, being popular and intellectual at the same time, and alternating between rock goddess and muse of the rock stars.

She was singing, reciting about mother nature or rocking with her band, having the imposing but comforting presence of a priestess of the record store, ‘second to church and temple’ as she put it. She also introduced a song, a gentle gospelic ballad written in the memory of Amy Winehouse, and simply called ‘This is the Girl’, just after singing this ‘Fuji-San’ song dedicated to the Japanese people having suffered from last year’s earthquake, then inviting everyone to her show the next day at the Wiltern.

And Patti was talkative, giving her opinion about TV shows, ‘This is what Obama and Romney should debate about’, she joked the same night the two vice presidents were debating on national TV. Talking even more, and watching the very quiet crowd, she added, ‘If I were a comedian, I’d do hari kari,… No reaction, it’s too fucking early, I’ll be back at 2 am!’

She was there to promote her first collection of original material since 2004, and triumphed with ‘People Have the Power’, that she sang to conclude her set on Thursday night, adding ‘People have the power to vote’ a few times and truly making the crowd react at last!


Redondo Beach
April fool
This is the girl
People have the Power

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