Oldies But Goldies: RINGTONES!!!

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Hellaphone Operator….

On this particular night I have to make an urgent call to a colleague. ‘Please enjoy the music while…”
Remember rings? Tonight I got some Jackson Browne! Call the Magpie you’ll get some Madina Lake, me you’re just getting old school rings, sorry.
Its funny isn’t it how no longer is it ok to hear the ring tone we also never hear a busy tone anymore but that’s a whole other topic.
So now you can set your ring tone to any song you want there are websites and wireless carriers there to help you, holiday music? anger statement (I once had “I Hate Everything About You”), whatever you want when you get a call you can hear it!
You can make the caller hear it! Expecting a call from someone you hate? theres a song for that, someone you love? same. The point is here you can now send a message without saying a word, let your phone do it for you.
The evolution of telephone communication is amazing. I recall feeling amped cuz I had polyphonic rings on my flip phone! Rockin. The house phone? Ode To Joy. You can actually have different song for each caller in your contact list. I don’t really have enough time to do that, but I could. How many times have you been in a public space and suddenly heard the blaring voice of Paramore- numerous and it makes me insane.
What was once the boom box is now our phones. Now I can interrupt your movie, your dinner, your commute, your shopping trip with ‘and I don’t give a damn bout my bad reputation”… yup that’s mine

So turn it up! Don’t miss a call let those around you enjoy spontaneous dance break. Jesus Take the Wheel? For Whom the Bell Tolls? awesome choices. Why the options are endless!


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