Oldies But Goldies: The Clash Dream Setlist

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Nothing can stand the pressure of contributing writer Helen Bach’s Dream Clash Set List

Id never thought of a ‘dream set’ before but being the type of girl I am I couldn’t just throw out a list of songs in the order I’d want them. Dream sets mean dream nights so it would start with my hair being perfect and a decent manicure. Maybe a killer outfit but that’s secondary. It would be autumn and the venue would be within walking distance cuz I absolutely hate parking. Actually I cant wait to be a Jetson.

There would be about 4 opening acts all doing 2 songs with fast set changes because I hate waiting as much as I hate parking, They’d be pleasant no names that didn’t clutter my brain or distract me from the main event. Sort of like matching salt pepper creamer and sugar bowls on a well dressed table, but not the centerpiece….That would be the Clash
Were talking the Clash pre-heroin drummer Topper too.
The boys would enter stage left to drrrrrrrrrrrrrrriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiive.. from Brand New Cadillac, and go from there to:
Death No Glory
Protex Blue
Tommy Gun
This is England (shut it.. love this song)
Drug Stabbing Time
Hate and War
Janie Jones
Call Up
hup two three four…
Career Opportunities
Remote Control
London Calling
Complete Control
and a cover of Hate Me (That’d be sooo killlahh)
Then about 7 min of Joe spewing political rantings while Mick texts his girlfriend and Paul scans the crowd looking for potentials
Topper of course just looking at a drumstick
encore an acoustic version of I’m not Down, dedicated to me- cuz they know its my theme song


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