One Direction and Blondie

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One Way or Another










The uber fab band One Direction had the courage to take on punk icon Debbie Harry in a remake of “One Way or Another”, and Harry is pleased as punch.

She spoke to Q magazine about it and was gushy as as school girl, which is odd for a 67 year old woman.  Recently spotted by rocknyc at the Bookmarc gallery opening, she looks amazing and is adorable as ever- but as the grand dame of punk rock, is this a cool move?

“Well, I was so flattered they wanted to use it – they’re a hot group and they’re getting lots of attention,” she explained.  “That’s good for Blondie in terms of remaining visible and perhaps gaining a younger audience. I saw a live performance of them doing it and it worked for me.”

Harry was known as the sexpot of the scene but in these later days is getting known for her quirky attire.  Not to the oddity level of Lady Gaga (where did she go anyway?  Gaga disappeared) but still making a statement off the beaten path.

Debbie believes her wardrobe is a piece of art in its own right.

“It is, definitely,” she said.

“My favorite items change from day to day and season to season. I just came back from the gym, so right now I’m wearing my comfortable Nikes, a sports bra in bright yellow and some black tight pants.”

Debbie revealed how she thinks the dance scene has changed since her band started out.

“Well, it’s just people. Some clubs are run nicely, and others are run by a bunch of a**holes and you feel like a piece of meat,” she complained.

“But you can always have a good time somewhere.”  Even a One Direction show.


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