'One For The Money' Reviewed (Sorta)

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I was pretty excited to see that the first installment of the Janet Evanovich, Stephanie Plum series was ending up on the big screen.  I hadn't even caught wind that it was going to- so imagine how excited I was to catch the ad.

Katherine Heigl plays the bounty hunter Plum on mishaps and adventures as she attempts to bring in the skip of all time, LT Joe Morelli, the man who deflowered her at age 17.

Morelli played by Jason O'Mera  wasnt half as charismatic as his book character was nor was Ranger portrayed by Daniel Sanjata he just talked too much.  Ranger was supposed to be dangerous and dark, this cat reminded me of The Rock, no mystery.

The films first 20 minutes was a blog of nonsense that made me wonder why I thought this could in anyway live up to the book.   The latter portions well made up for it.  There were moments of laughter but the sexual tension between Plum and Morelli was weak and that between her and Ranger non existent. 

Rex the hamster (whom I assumed played himself) did a hell of a job on the running wheel. 

With a bit of a choppy story line and not enough character development for the hooker file/clerk Lula (played by Sheri Shepard) it got the job done, but not in the grand style I had hoped for.

As for music- couldn't have been more lame.  Nothing of note other than scene filler and the one song identifiable is by none other than Colbie Callait.  "Brighter Than The Sun".  Stephanie wouldn't be a Callait fan, she'd listen to something a bit more cool.

Movie  B

Music D


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