Outernational Says No To The Fascist Regime With ‘Decision’

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In these trouble times when our rights are about to be compromised and our freedom threatened, everyone will agree that protest art is going to thrive. Outernational is one band that has never slowed down in the protest area, they have never given up the fight and have continuously warned us about Trump’s dangerous rise to power, very early during his campaign, denouncing his ideas that they are not afraid to call fascist. I know that this is a term used too many times and a comparison made ad nauseam, but what other sordid reference can we make when we learn about Trump’s behavior, ideas and future actions? His first executive order on Friday was to repeal the Affordable Care Act, so that was a really promising start toward TrumpAmerica! TrumpAmerica where the rich and corporations will benefit from a huge tax break and the poor will get poorer with no social protection, TrumpAmerica where xenophobia, homophobia and misogyny will surge like a brush fire, TrumpAmerica where there will be more walls and less health care, more billionaires and less civil rights. We are now living in a dystopian reality,

Outernational has released this video for their new song  ‘Decision’ on Inauguration day. With shearing guitars and harsh beats, they have a bit forgotten about their south of the border influences for a while, but they have surely built a very angry anthem… ‘We won’t live like this!’ repeats frontman Miles Solay, who sent this message with the video:

‘I am writing to you from the USA on the morning that a fascist regime is being coronated. I will be in the streets of Washington, DC today and tomorrow.  The regime of Donald Trump and Mike Pence is illegitimate because fascism is illegitimate. If ever there was a time in in our lives to act as if the future depended on us, now would be that time. GET INVOLVED AND TAKE TO THE STREETS WHEREVER YOU ARE.  

The clip, of course, uses footage of Charlie Chaplin’s masterpiece and political satire, ‘The Great Dictator’, which has never mattered so much than today… it’s funny how history really repeats itself. Beside Prophets of Rage, Outernational is probably one of the most politically and socially engaged rock band today, and both of them are much needed.



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