Panic! At The Disco DCU Center Worcester, MA Saturday March 4th, 2017

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Panic! At the Disco has been part of our playlist for years now.  From Fever you Can’t Sweat Out Days to Vices And Virtues we followed closely.  Then .. poof.  Vices And Virtues, did nothing for me and nothing could compare to the cabaret noir of Fever or the nuevo hippy of Pretty.  Odd. The pairing of Ryan Ross and Brendon Urie was the heart of Panic!, when they split up  the band died.  Like a shitty divorce, Ross got John Walker and Urie got Spencer Smith.. then Smith got rehab.. then… well then who knows. Well the world knows- because somewhere along the line Brendon Urie ended up on talk shows and mainstream and a legit pop star. Gone was the string bean sized boy I had first seen in on the Honda Civic Tour in 2008.  So let’s put it this way, I’ve been following these guys for nearly 10 years.  This also means I have watched Urie go from teenager to married man.  Now who feels old?

But now we have a headlining gig in a 15k capacity venue,  not too shabby.  Gone is the stringy bowl hair and Monkees inspired 70s garb and before us is a pomped quiff leader with a set of pipes with range for days.  The fans are the same high school outcasts.  I have often said the people of Massachusetts are a unique breed but tonight they proved they are fatter, louder and with less sense of fashion than any other state in the Union.  No lie, it was the Splitting Seams Tour- and for the life of me I cannot figure out why.  The concession stands were packed as fat families and females ordered popcorn, sno cones, hot dogs in rubber cheese.. the entire arena smelled like oil and pork. Considering this is the location of the New England Vegfest, someone has some cleaning up to do before that event rolls to town

Back to the gig, quick before the cholesterol kills the fan base…

Two opening acts starting right on time did their job and got out.  Saint Motel got the fatties off their asses for a tune or two, Misterwives.. well I left the arena and never saw them but what I heard made my ears bleed.

Now Panic!

There is no disputing that The Death of A Bachelor is a fantastic album it showcases Uries voice better than any of his other releases- want to know why?

Cuz its not Panic! At The Disco, it’s Brendon Urie.  He is the only man left standing.  The other Discos are gone and now he is alone fronting a band.  So where’s the Panic?  Well this proves my point of a band being nothing more than a lead singer.  The band can be replaced the vocals cannot.

A fabulous stage show with fire, back flips and video monitors added a big budget boom to the tried and true formula of James Brown meets Cyndi Lauper dance moves and a four octave range.  It was lovely to watch ‘Death of A Bachelor” performed as Brendon walked through the crowd from across the arena (where he had just performed on revolving stage) a nice bit of hug and handshake for the ladies and a humble move from a guy who has become quite the star.

A brief montage from A Fever You Can’t Sweat Out, was the nostalgia trip we were hoping for, as I glanced around I noticed no one singing, new fans, we were dinosaurs.  Ive heard there are legal issues with the album Pretty. Odd. some sort of fight with Ryan Ross so only “Nine in the Afternoon” can be played live.  What a shame its a great album never to be heard live again?  Gotta be a way.

The rest was new album heavy  with enough flash and dazzle to keep the crowd happy and singing along- and on their feet to sweat off those pretzels.  Win/Win.

Uries come a along way baby, from the timid guy I met in Bridgeport Connecticut nearly a decade ago.
Gone is the timid teenager and gone is his three friends that made Panic!, Panic.  So why carry the name?  Why not go solo?  No reason not too- ‘cept for the cost of merch.

Glitzy confident and a vocal beast.

But I can’t help but wonder where Ross, Smith and Walker have gone…

Grade B

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