Panic At The Disco, “Miss Jackson ft Lolo”, Reviewed

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half the band they used to be…











Oh Brendan Urie, you’re so funny.  Lets face it, there is no Ryan Ross and therefore there is no Panic! At The Disco.  Nice try, time to change the name, please.  That being said life goes on and Urie with the most glorious of voices is back with a new tune and a self indulgent video of silliness.

Will this resurrection bring the girls to his yard?  Now a married man his good looks are aging.  But those fans will be there.  The skittish boy is gone in left in his place is a man with talent and poor management in a dime a dozen industry.  When your completion is younger faster and hungrier will you survive?  Is it possible to ‘stay the course’ with songs like “Miss Jackson’?

The ‘hey ay ay’ chant is ripped straight from Fall Out Boys new work- which is fitting since they’ll be touring together.  There is nothing and no way to bring back the magic of “A Fever You Can’t Sweat Out”, that cabaret noire that felt so new and so innovative so ‘next big thing’ is long gone.

We are left with a nostalgic look back and a simple fact.  Without the duo of Urie and Ross the chances of Panic ever becoming more than a niche band is impossible.  There is simply no hook, the magic is gone and say what you will about the album “Pretty.Odd” it was still leaps and bounds above this mediocrity.

Hey where is Ryan Ross anyway?  He went all Young Veins then fell off the planet.  It’s sad and disappointing.  Despite a bit of production work and a cameo for Gym Class Heroes and The Cab he is literally nowhere.

Sorta like this tune.  Video is sorta entertaining though.  Sorta.


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