Paris Jackson's Suicide Attempt: Does The Poor Girl Have A Chance?

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Who is to blame in Paris Jackson’s suicide attempt? By now everyone probably knows that Michael Jackson’s teen daughter tried to kill herself by cutting her forearm with a meat cleaver and trying to overdose on Motrin pills – not the best method to die, as it would probably take a LOT of ibuprofen to kill you. No, the cutting and the Motrin tell us it was more a cry for help than a true suicide attempt, but this is nevertheless very troublesome, especially because she wrote a suicide note. She is ‘fine’, as she was hospitalized, and received numerous stitches

TMZ is reporting that Paris became angry on Tuesday after being told she couldn’t go to a Marilyn Manson concert.Recently, she cut her hair short and she was seeing wearing a Kurt Cobain t-shirt, even declaring on Twitter ‘Kurt Cobain is Jesus’. Good thing she is listening to something else than her father’s music, but is she going through a goth-grunge period? It does not fit really well with Jehovah witnesses, so is she rebelling? TMZ has even posted pictures that could suggest she has some old scars on her wrists from a previous attempt??

Adolescence is already hard enough during normal circumstances, but you have to realize that this girl’s life is anything but normal. Her biological mother, with whom she is currently trying to connect despite Katherine Jackson’s disapproval, has literally ‘sold’ her to Michael Jackson when she was one year old, and her father Michael Jackson died of an overdose of propofol, benzodiazepines, lorazepam and midazolam four years ago, because he wanted to get anesthetized every night as the very responsible father that he was. The press has said she was close to MJ, but now that he is dead she has to be questioning whom her biological father is, and add to all this that she is living with one of the most dysfunctional families that exists!

E! Online is even reporting that her brother Prince Michael hasn’t supported her idea to build a relationship with Debbie Rowe, he has said he wanted nothing to do with her, and distanced himself from his sister.

To add to this sad picture, Paris was recently bullied at school, and if we don’t know the exact nature of the bullying, I can imagine that the question of his father’s behavior with children has probably come up. Especially since the recent accusation made by choreographer Wade Robson, who said that Michael Jackson has sexually abused him for years when he was a child.

I guess Prince Michael has been brainwashed by the Jackson family, but Paris is different, she admired her father so much, but she must be asking herself questions now,… I know I would, and I would have opened my wrists for far less than all this!

The Jacksons are now declaring Paris is ’physically fine’ but they are visibly much more concerned about the estate’s money than the well being of the children, as they are currently in the middle of a big lawsuit, forcing Paris to appear in court in the future. Poor Paris, if she continues living with these corpse’s money suckers, there’s no hope for her, I don’t say she should be living with Debbie Rowe either, but she just may have a chance if she manages to emancipate herself from the family in a few years.

I just have a few things to add, if she’s listening to Nirvana and Manson, she is way behind her time, hello the 90s, really?? She has some serious catching up to do, but I blame the time spent behind the veil when her father was alive and the vampiric Jackson family. Secondly, it was reported that her Twitter feed was full of dark thoughts lately, and cryptic messages (a quote from the Beatles is cryptic?) as well as this sentence, ‘I wonder why tears are salty?’ Oh my god, at the top of all this, this girl is not receiving any science education either?


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