Paris: Two Weeks After

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Two weeks after Paris terrorist attacks, while I am traveling towards the French capital city, I have decided to write this note because I think the time has come for me to express my feelings about what happened recently in the heart of my country.

I was not attending Eagles of Death Metal concert at the Bataclan on Friday, November 13th (I didn’t even know Eagles of Death Metal before by the way…) where 90 people lost their lives in tragic circumstances, I was not watching the soccer match “France versus Germany” at the Stade de France neither, and I was not drinking beers on a pub terrace in the streets of the 11th district where kamikazes exploded themselves as human bombers at the same time. But I read the news the next day and couldn’t figure out immediately the disaster where the world was going on…

My country, like unfortunately many other countries in the entire world, has been cowardly attacked by madness and inhumanity. More than one hundred people died that night while they were having fun, listening to live music, supporting their favorite sport team or simply enjoying dinner at the restaurant, only because their lifestyle didn’t please to a few insane fanatics, capable of the worst in the name of their God…

I can’t imagine nowadays giving up going to a concert or a festival by fear of being attacked or killed, not traveling without taking risks for my own safety, or not going out to meet my friends because I could take the risk of facing a bad guy at the bad time. I believed we were living in a free country but I was so naïve, and the world will not gonna be the same anymore, one more time after 9/11.

I am not a Parisian, I was not physically hurt on 11/13 but I am just a French girl who loves music and hopes she can listen to “Wannabe in LA” (Eagles of Death Metal hit from “Heart On”) a bit more because this is my only wish from now on.

Attacks committed on Friday, November 13th in Paris made 129 deaths and 352 wounded persons.


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