Pat Boone, Not An Obama Fan

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Mr. Pat Boone is still alive. That’s amazing and apparently quite the little politico.  He is an active member of The Tea Party, and has a lot to say about President Obama.   This cat made a name for himself in the 50s and 60s as the epitome of wholesome clean America. 


He is also known as highly religious and you may have heard of his daughter and that God awful “You Light Up My Life”, song that was played until I wanted to hang myself in my grade school days.  Having to sing that in organized music class could well be the reason I went to the dark side- seriously…torture


But now Boone at age 78 is getting a bit feisty and dare I say delusional in his latest rant.  Boon went on Fox Business News with Neil Cavuto.  Boone brought a copy of Rules For Radicals and stated that the book, written by Saul Alinsky, trained the president “to be a community organizer, a Marxist, a socialist, a progressive.” It was unclear exactly whether Boone was accusing Obama of being trained to be all of those things or if he was simply stating that they were qualities of the book’s author, but his message about the president was clear either way.


Cavuto did his best to get Boone off his rant but he lost it completely stating he was on Obamas enemies list and that “Well, I am a target,” said Boone. “I was on his enemies list in the first year of his presidency.”  I can’t help but wonder why Boone would have such a conspiracy theory going on.  I doubt strongly Obama considers him a threat or even anything more than the guy in white belt and bucks.  I do also wonder why Fox Business News would have Pat on considering he has nothing to do with business, unless this was just a way for Cavuto to get some attention- if so, well done cuz here it is.


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