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There is an interview of Paul Dano in Vulture magazine, andif he talks about his next movie ‘Being Flynn’, there is an interesting part of the conversation concerning what Dano does to prepare for a role: he listens to music as he believes that ‘every character has music'.

'Even if you're playing someone in the 1700s in France, you might listen to hip-hop, if it's an energy thing for the character. Or you can listen to what the character actually listened to. I use music like crazy. It's like sticking a needle in your arm, like taking a drug because it's so immediate,' he declared to the magazine. 

Haaaaa don’t go there Dano, the drug metaphor for music,really? But for him music sets up the vibe, the mood, the scene and the character. 

So what was he listening to when he prepared to play Nick Flynn, a Boston homeless shelter worker trying to reconnect with his con-man-self-proclaimed-poet father played by Robert De Niro?

‘A lot of punk rock. There's a bunch of stuff Nick listened to at the time, from the Minutemen to Galaxie 500, so I listened to that, plus The Hold Steady.’ 

Paul Dano played an amazing mad preacher in ‘There Will Be Blood', and he said he was at that time listening to ‘a lot of The Clash, and alot of Radiohead.'

He added: 'I mean, Jonny Greenwood did the score, but that wasn't why Iwas listening to Radiohead. No Kelis. No ‘Milkshake!’ [Laughs] I certainly was not playing that in my head phones. But also some Eminem and some classical music’. 

For the film he did this summer, with the temporary title ‘He Loves Me’, where he plays a young novelist struggling with writer’s block, he was listening ‘to a lot of Bon Iver, Paul Simon, Ray Charles, and The Rolling Stones’, with sometimes some ‘Jackson 5, Stevie Wonder, and Otis Redding’…he added as an explanation: ‘just to get my blood bubbling. That might have nothing to do with the character, or maybe it does.’ 

Music works in mysterious ways. He also played a rock musician in ‘For Ellen’, a Sundance film for which he was obviously listeningto ‘a lot of Led Zeppelin, AC/DC, Guns N' Roses, and some hardrock that I don't like necessarily but was good for the character.’

 And what about his breakthrough role in ‘Little Miss Sunshine’?
‘I listened to Rage Against the Machine, Pavement, and Elliott Smith,' he said.

Interesting, I have always thought he was looking a little like Elliott Smith in this picture

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