Paul McCartney’s “Never Stop Doing What You Love” Reviewed

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This never released to the public, not for resale, created for the employees and clients of Fidelity Investments, a multinational financial services with trillions in capital, compilation of McCartney post-Beatles hits is just about useless. The only track that surprised me was “Once Upon A Time, Long Ago,” a 1987 track that Rob Reiner commissioned for “The Princess Bride” and then decided not to use. It was released as a single and showed up on All The Best but none of the ones I’ve ever heard, so listening to here was like a fine though not much of a find. It’s not bad -a little over arranged, though the singing is immaculate and the song is fair to middling. Otherwise, what did Fidelity and Paulie, with the atrocious never stop doing what you love.

Taking you from 1971’s “Another Day” to 1997 “World Tonight” there seems to be no internal reason for the songs. Why is “Jet” there? Why “Calico Skies”? It sez here “The tracks for the compilation were chosen by McCartney and an executive from Fidelity, which had been given rights to McCartney’s legacy catalog…” Whatever that means. A pleasant enough way to kill time till you sell it on ebay, Never Stop Doing What You Love is nothing really at all.

But the problem with 2005’s album number #39 is more than its question. We know McCartney and Lennon were rich, of course they were, and we don’t envy them, we applaud the, And anyway, “imagine no possessions” and “all you need is love” were Johnny thoughts, not Paulie, fair or otherwise Paul was always considered a moneyhead. Even so, to conclude that doing what you love has anything to do with the brutal cutthroat, and entirely disgusting world of high finance is disgraceful. Why would McCartney trade on his hard earned and harder to maintain reputation for these putzs’? How much more cynical can a man be?

For the record: “PAUL MCCARTNEY Never Stop Doing What You Love (2005 US EMI Special Market CD album, featuring a custom-printed CD disc designed to look like a vinyl release! This compilation was only available in association with Fidelity Investments, who co-sponsored Paul’s 2005 Tour. Including classic Wings and solo tracks, and housed in a custom gatefold picture sleeve.”

Well, nothing happened to his career and nobody cares. As a compilation it has nothing to add to anything and while the songs are uniformly excellent, less so in this context:

1.”Another Day” – 4:42

2.”Jet” – 4:06 Paul McCartney & Wings

3.”Let ‘Em In” – 5:08 Wings

4.”With a Little Luck” – 3:12 Wings

5.”Live and Let Die” – 3:12 Paul McCartney & Wings

6.”Listen to What the Man Said”– 3:54 Wings

7.”My Love” – 4:07 Paul McCartney & Wings

8.”Take It Away” – 4:02

9.”No More Lonely Nights” – 4:38

10.”Silly Love Songs” – 5:52 Wings

11.”Put It There” – 2:06

12.”Once Upon a Long Ago” – 4:13

13.”The World Tonight” – 4:03

14.”Bluebird” – 3:20 Paul McCartney & Wings

15.”Calico Skies” – 2:29

It is so useless that I would give it a C- only I love the CD cover art.

Grade: C+



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