Pepsi's Huge Deal With Michael Jackson's Estate

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According to the LA Times (but everybody is talking about it) Pepsi, the beverage giant, has teamed up with Michael Jackson's estate in order to launch an exclusive campaign in honor of the twenty-fifth anniversary of the King of Pop’ s ‘Bad’ album and tour.


Oh but wait, didn’t Jackson get badly burn when he was filming this Pepsi commercial in the 80s? Personally, I have always thought that, after this terrible accident, all went down for him, he got addicted to pain killers, altered even more his look, his nose, his whole face,… he progressively went from looking like a sunglasses-sparkling-gloves-and-socks-Disney-prince to an old white woman on too many prescription drugs and way too obsessed with cute little blond boys.


Definitively, Pepsi should not be a good memory for Jackson, but the family doesn’t care, and Pepsi has announced the earth-shaking-global-mega campaign ‘Live for Now’, with a first round of ads (with pop-rap diva Nicki Minaj) starting on Monday.


One billion soda cans with Jackson’s image (which one should I ask?) will be on sale worldwide, beginning with China (really, China?) starting Saturday. Later this month, the US will be the first country to have the chance to see the special-edition-16-ounce cans inundate its grocery stores.


Lastly, we will get the other merchandise, the ‘Bad’ jackets, the free tickets for the Cirque du Soleil show (with or without the hologram?), the remixes of music from albums…. I mean, come one, how long are they are going to milk the cow, it is becoming so old, so outrageous and so boring.


The truth is that Pepsi is not doing well, they are supposed to lay off 8,700 employees during 2014, people drink less sodas, and they are hoping for a big boost with this Jackson campaign.


Pepsi, the choice of a new generation, which keeps digging out the old generation.


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