Perfume Genius’ Erotic And Haunting Video For ‘Die 4 You’

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Perfume Genius at the Broad last year


‘Too Bright’ was almost too good and too shinny to be real, so how can you follow such brilliance? The result is that, ‘No Shape’, the new album by Mike Hadreas aka Perfume Genius, doesn’t probably feature any song as amazing as ‘Queen’ or ‘Fool’, but I will refrain myself from hasty judgment and will let it some time to reveal all its facets.

At this point, I would say that Perfume Genius is as much interested by musical expression than by visual expression and each one of his videos tends to reveal this. His clips are lavish, erotic visual feasts, and this new one for the song ‘Die 4 You’ from his new album, is no exception.

Directed by Floria Sigismondi, the video shows Hadreas dancing alone with a chair, gyrating on a chair, taking the most unbelievable pauses at the sound of his most vulnerable asphyxiated falsetto. It is simultaneously erotic and very sad, and Hadreas’ outfits are at the image of the scene, sexy and dramatic. However, the drama and even the mystery of the clip seem to come from the object of Hadreas’ affection: an unidentifiable blob sitting there, which could look like a pile of inert muscles, some entwined bodies or the epitome of maleness. Hadreas dances around the chair, looking at the shapeless form while taking his saddest queen look, and the atmosphere of the video sounds as dangerous and erotic as you would have imagined from Perfume Genius.

Hadreas told The FADER that this song is about erotic asphyxiation, an intentional restriction of oxygen intake during sex, a weird and potentially fatal fantasy that people practice to increase sexual pleasure. He explained: ‘It’s a metaphor for giving all of yourself to someone else. You can push it so far that I might even die and that would be OK.’

You can always count on Perfume Genius to always mix death and sex, pain and pleasure, he is that great, he is that romantic and tortured. And even though Hadreas does not even realistically mimic erotic asphyxiation on stage, there’s so much sexiness and danger that emanates from he clip, so much fear and sensuality that comes from his hushed vocals, that you may fear for his life.


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