Pet Shop Boys’ Neil Tennant Compares Taylor Swift To Margaret Thatcher

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Taylor Swift and Margaret Thatcher


It’s well known, ‘old’ people do not understand the young generation, but this generation gap cannot be true for Pet Shop Boys’ Neil Tennant. He may be 61 years old now but Pet Shop Boys were precursors, making electronic dance music before it was in fashion, selling more than 50 million records worldwide, and becoming the most successful duo in UK music history. In a new interview for Noisey, Tennant talked about his career and gave his opinion about the state of pop music.

‘I think the current pop landscape is pretty good actually. Last year we arrived at a place where mainstream pop music started to, for the first time in ages, take in influences from what would be underground if it wasn’t underground, if it hadn’t gone mainstream….Which I basically mean The Weeknd and Skrillex working with Justin Bieber ‘… ‘even now Zayn Malik’s single, ‘It’s You’ – have you heard it? It’s the most beautiful record.’

But of course I would not be mentioning this interview without a stab at someone hugely famous, and Tennant seems to have some interesting opinion about our most famous pop singer:

‘I think Lady Gaga’s been interesting. Taylor Swift is a sort of Mrs Thatcher of pop music in that she seems to be about economics… but at least someone is interested in that’

Ouch! Is he saying this because Thatcher privatized British institutions and public services, while the American pop star pulled her music from Spotify, while complaining she wasn’t being paid enough? In any case, it can’t be a good thing for Swift to be compared to the iron lady, she is Britain’s most hated politician, and probably represents the least appealing and flattering comparison a young woman could wish for.

Tennant also complains about the current pop music lacking in emotional depth and variety, which could also apply to any Taylor Swift’s song of course:

‘There’s a problem in pop music which is subject matter of pop music. There’s currently only one subject matter and that is the singer, and possibly their emotional life, or their issues with fame.’

You can watch the whole interview below:


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