Photos: Mastodon, Russian Circles, Eagles Of Death Metal At The Palladium, Thursday April 20th 2017

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I got the chance to be in the pit for a big concert at the Hollywood Palladium, as Russian Circles, Eagles of Death Metal and Mastodon were playing a sold out show on Thursday night. I got there around 6 pm, received my photo pass soon after, and I was in the pit mostly with professional photographers, holding my modest camera in comparison to theirs. The problem with being in the pit at a big venue like the Palladium is that they kick you out after three songs, and three songs is not much! We were led to the pit by two young women and they told us they have this stupid rule, when you are out of the pit, you can’t take pics anymore and I had to deposit my camera after the 3 songs of each act, in order to be able to see the rest of the concert outside the pit! What a waste of time…

Anyway, being inside the pit for 3 songs is cool, you feel a bit special, but it’s stressing too, you know time is counted, and you have to take these memorable photos in a record time. The pit is crowded by photographers, you can’t move as much as you would want to, and being short doesn’t help, when a performer is close to the edge of the stage, you could see his nose hair, but it’s not a good shot. It was particularly hard for Mastodon, the headliner, the stage was quite dark and animated with violent lightning while Troy Sanders was moving too fast. I would have loved to say longer, but ‘3 songs and you are out’, and you couldn’t negotiate even a second with these security guards!

Russian Circles

Eagles of Death Metal


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