Pitbull Mass Mutual Center Springfield MA, Friday May 24th, 2013

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Pitbull has been a guilty pleasure of mine for about a year now.  This guy is pure perv but somewhere blended in to that ‘gushy stuff’ is a comedy that I cannot resist.  On this rainy night I headed to Springfield MA to see Mr. Worldwide.  Springfield is infamous for its Latin community and bad ass gangs.  I’m not to familiar with the city located less than an hour from me but since there is literally nothing else in that city so it was easy to find.

The crowd is pretty much what I expected, Latina’s in cheap clothes and whore shoes, short squat men in untucked shirts.  Plenty of beer, plenty of lip gloss and plenty of smiles and a total disregard for personal space.  Its OK, I cant take it.  The crowd primarily women and there to dance.  Most of them had the same skill level for dancing that Pit does.  Not much but its funny to watch.

I was thrilled to finally see him and he didn’t disappoint.  Playing all the hits in a tight 70 minutes, he left you fulfilled but not stuffed.  Now. lets dissect this a bit.

the great and powerful Oz-tina

1- Pitbull mostly performers with others. J-Lo, Xtina, and anyone else who will hop on- but how do you do this live?  Surely T-Pain and Usher cant pop in for a tune and how God awful would another voice be in that role?  Easy fix- the video screen!  So now Pitbull can sing with anyone he pleases beamed up right behind him.  Its odd t hear him sing live with a recorded duet.  I wondered if he was lip syncing at times, but I doubt it.  Its just what you have to do.  It also cheapens the band- who needs um if the video is showing?

2- Shout out.  Pitbull is very proud of his ethnicity. Springfield is a predominately Hispanic city……I am white.  So when there was chit chat I was out.  Which was fine cuz I don’t suppose it was anything of value.  What did here was a shout out to our military.  Pitbull- cork it and sing about pussy or something.  We don’t need a Yankee Doodle Dandy from you.

3- Why the hell did he scream ‘Barbara Streisand’ for about three minutes, it was like Turrets syndrome or something.

4- Pitbull has a fabulous band, I seriously want bongos now.  There is an interesting dynamic when a band can bust into Guns n Roses “Sweet Child of Mine” and minutes later put out some psycho salsa that made my brow raise with its intricacy.

5- Pitbull is a showman with no show. He smiles and uses that quasi boy charm to suck you in. It works.  His voice is awesome, his lyrics a joke but the delivery of the dark shaded bald man who honestly believes he’s a sex machine makes you agree. That creepy bastard IS a sex machine.

6- The quick blast of bad stuff.  Springfield is up for an MGM facility so right before Pitbull came on we were treated to the VP’s of MGM begging us to vote in support of ‘good jobs’ and ‘new business’ for downtown Springfield.  Preaching work to a depressed community was cheap, plus I’m not from Springfield so what the fuck do I care.  Keep it in the lobby, don’t waste my time and don’t promise these people great jobs when the service industry is white slavery and that cheap ‘stand up if your military, thank you so  much’ is a giant bag of bullshit to score applause.  Shame on you MGM for promising these people shows like this ‘every night of the week’, aint happening, ask Foxwoods.

So there you have it. I did it, I saw Pitbull.  Mad props to my dear Iman for not only hipping me to this Latin hero but for scoring me the best seat in the house to watch him from- there’s your props Cowboy prop prop prop.

Pitbull is on tour with Kesha, I was lucky not to catch her on this date.  I believe its called the syphilis tour.  Keep it in your pants Dale!  Loved the show… such mindless fun.

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