Pitbull, Stop Collaborate and Listen

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Yup, I'm writing about Pitbull again in another mindless post about nothing just because I can.  What I did was wasted a half hour of my life to watch Pitbull on Extra!  I have no idea why I have this odd obsession with Cuban artist but I find it funny as hell.

His music is fun and mindless, his sense of humor is most amusing.  Have you ever heard anyone fake laugh on their songs more than he does 'ah hah aha', its freakin hilarious

Pitbull and Mario Lopez (anyone remember when he was on Saved By The Bell?  How did he get a hosting gig from that?) watched large women in suits dance to Men in Black theme song that he created, 'To be involved with Men in Black and the way I look at the record and the way I look at the movie, man it''s an honor, it''s a blessing,' he gushed to ET Online previously.

Pitbull also threw down some thoughts on collaborating.  Pitbull never does anything alone, hes like a woman with a restroom hallways needing to bring a friend.

'To everyone who's given me the opportunity to work with them, from Marc Anthony, Enrique Iglesias, Jennifer Lopez, Usher and Chris Brown. I look at it as a platform to get to each other's fans and give them different worlds,' he told Extra.

Yeah, that's all I got on this one.  Oh! Men in Black comes out and the end of May.

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