Plasmic’s Upcoming EP, ‘Validation Nation’, Reviewed

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Plasmic at Sex Cells


I now realize I did see Plasmic a few years ago, during one episode of Women Fuck Shit Up Fest at the Smell, but I have recently spotted her a few times at Sex Cells, Lethal Amounts’ monthly freak show, which is recently reinventing Los Angeles nightlife. Plasmic is always wearing hot pink outfits with matching hair, and each time, she was restlessly dancing among a crowd of colorful people, as if she were the roller-girl of Boogie Nights.

Plasmic is an excellent dancer but she is especially a musician, and she sent me the songs of her upcoming EP, ‘Validation Nation’, which should be out next month.

Her ultra-sweet vocals deliciously serve the song ‘Baby Machine’, which carries a synth-pop melody so catchy, that it will stick with you like honey on your tongue. The song mixes a youthful exuberance with retro electro beats and a candied girl group vibe, while her vocals fiercely dominate the music and the toy-ish beats.

She explores darker electronic ambiance during ‘Compliance’, a more synthetic track with her powerful voice going into bravado operatic howls over a feisty and almost creepy composition, while she goes into full attack dancing queen mode during the infectious and cinematic ‘Sister’, a loud and more layered song with a ‘80s feel. The savage elastic beats amplify during the song, with a semi-mystical vibe of some exotic tribe ending in a scary scream after a sweaty ceremonial.

My favorite from the pink girl could be ‘Validation Nation’, a strong and in-your-face electro number that she sings with a deep drawl and plenty of determination over a slow beat of distorted somber synth. ‘I don’t wanna be a person anymore’ she sings before adding vocal layers and going crescendo with a soaring howl and squeaky synth.

Don’t be fooled by Plasmic’s all-pink world, she is not a Barbie doll, as a matter of fact it’s not a coincidence if her music has been called ‘Music to burn Barbies to’! She is a feminist and a women empowering rebel, the first song of her last EP, called ‘REVENGE’, was a hard hitting synth war-disco party about killing rapists and feeding Chihuahuas with their corpses.

Plasmic, whose real name is Lauren Lusardi, has the rage of a riot grrrl and the strange comic-horror of a John Waters’ movie, her hazy aesthetic oscillates between a plastic dream girl crooning over lo-fi melodies below a disco ball, and your worst nightmarish fury, stabbing your eardrums with punk pink assaults. She has said she draws her inspiration from artists ranging from Bjork to Devo’s Mark Mothersbaugh, Crystal Castles, Brian Eno, Laurie Anderson, Bikini Kill, G.L.O.S.S., Rupaul or Wendy Carlos but her DIY self-produced style is purely her own.

As for the all-pink universe she is living in, she had this to say in an interview: ‘The reason I wear pink all the time is because I’m taking back femininity and making it powerful and I feel like wearing a tutu is powerful and I learned the hard way feminine power is real.’

Before catching her live doing her thing, you can see Plasmic dancing at the next Sex Cells’ Massive Divine Ball, and pink will certainly be the color of the party, Pink Flamingos that is.

Her upcoming EP ‘Validation Nation’ will be out late April, check out her Bandcamp page here.


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