Pontea At The Hotel Cafe, Friday June 9th 2017

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It’s undeniable, Pontea composes some vibrant dance tracks, and she demonstrated her genuine ability to share her enthusiasm for her music on Friday night at the Hotel Café, during a very short set around 10 pm. Almost hidden behind her keyboards and synths, she captivated the audience with her beats and asked for a maximum of participation from the crowd.

The venue is a very busy place, where plenty of bands can perform on the same evening and she barely had half an hour to conquer the crowd, but that was an easy task for her, she had everyone singing along at her first song. Interestingly, she did a rather stripped down and soulful rendition of Amy Winehouse’s ‘You Know I’m No Good’, before pushing her own songs, starting with ‘Unpredictable’, a completely nightclub-ready track, a sound-layered synth pop song about deception in love, which was filled with so many rhythmic beats that it was received with great energy by the crowd and a few ‘You’re awesome’.

Pontea has a bubbly personality, she was very talkative and upbeat, just like her songs, and despite the melancholic and aching subject of the next song, ‘Come Over’ — this is about dealing with a withdraw after a breakup, as she explained — she made everyone clap along.

As I said, her set was very short but she managed to transmit a real energy with the addition of some original, organic mouth-generated beats, before ending with a sort of catchy Latino-inspired mash-up. I noticed a slight exotic vibe in her rhythmic beats, and if Pontea sounds like the name of a mythological Roman princess, she is actually the daughter of Persian Jewish immigrants, raised in Los Angeles, and fully decided to follow her dream in pursuing a music career. With a new EP and lively tracks with the right touch of R&B and infectious dance beats, she may be the next soundtrack of your summer parties.


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