Possible Ramones Biopic; Tell Your Wife to Shut UP

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Rock and Roll wives who have done nothing but marry into the scene really should have a seat and shut up with the royalties.  Harsh?  Absolutely but when word comes via Rolling Stone that “Linda Ramone”, wife of Johnny Ramone has offers to create a film about the iconic band it literally makes me gag.


If Johnny were say… a doctor, would a doctors wife be qualified to create a film about his entire practice?  No, go get your highlights and your nails done and pretend you were something more than ‘a wife’.  You are not a star, you did nothing of value for the band other than keep a member happy (perhaps) and now suddenly your getting offers as some sort of historian.  I do also take offense on the last name- really?  Linda Ramone?  Let it go sister, your Linda Cummings.  Married for over 20 years makes you a loyal wife, not a rock and roll historian.


OK, let’s call her Johnny’s manager, how’s that?  Joey’s ex girlfriend? How’s that?  How about she just make a movie about Johnny? Well, she suggests below that it be based upon Johnnys book ‘Commando”, The problem is every upstart Ramones fan will rush to see whatever they’re served.  I am hopeful this won’t happen…why?  Cuz read her quotes below.

"It would be nice to do a Ramones movie. I will do one no matter what," she said. "Maybe it will be just based more on Commando. I'm working on it right now. We're in discussions, which is always a fun time."


Asked who she would like to play her husband, Linda Ramone added: "Of course everybody would want Johnny Depp to play him, because he's cool and looks good. He's super nice to me and he used to always talk to Johnny if we'd go to the Viper Room. His band opened up for the Ramones years and years ago."


However, if the film gets given the green-light to go ahead, Linda admits Depp is probably too old to play the role of Joey Ramone. "It has to be someone who's young – they'd have to be in their twenties,"

she conceded.


Arent the royalties enough?  Must you make him a cash corpse?

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