Poverty And One Direction

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“Follow me or I’ll call myself”











Watching the One Direction Channel 4 documentary “Crazy For One Direction” so soon after the cinema tour movie “One Direction: This Is Us” got me thinking about class distinctions. It can’t be overemphasized how working class, blue collar, even poor 1D’s roots from and how poor some of their fans are. What bonds them is the roots of poverty and sublimely, by becoming Prince 1D, they make these poor girls Princesses.

Zayn Malik, the half Pakistani man, seems overwhelmed by poverty. In one of the most upsetting scenes in the movie, his mother is filmed leaving her Council House for a new home, Zayn had just bought her. The Mom and his sisters are shown leaving the Government assisted housing, a dusty,grim, depressing area, for the spare comfortable new house and Zayn, on the phone with his Mom, is so uncomfortable it is distressing. His Mom is crying and Zayn just once to live this world behind, “I’m going before I start crying too”, Zayn claims but that isn’t what is happening.

Meanwhile, the girl in this picture is a 17 year old Pakistani superfan Directioner, she is the one who tweeted that she’d kill herself if Zayn didn’t follow her on tweeter, can’t find the sixty bucks odd to see the band on their recently announced 2014 Arena tour. The girl is beyond stoical, it is beyond her ability to imagine going to see the band in concert let alone meeting them in private. Or rather Zayn. Zayn is an outsider like this girl, her tweeter name is Dream, is, and in similar racial, religious ways. More than anyone in the documentary, she is a part of the world Zayn has escaped from, and it is as if she is pushing him like hell to take her out. Her life is so poor, so drab, so elsewhere, that her world of imagination with Zayn is literally IT. It is the thing. It is her life. Other girls mention how boyfriends get in the way of their pursuit of !D, but Dreamer is beyond that; in her room tweeting, she is a deamer indeed, everything in her life is occurring somewhere in her head, in her imagination. And there in lies the dream of the girl: that Zayn was the same as she was, wihout 1D… he is one of her type.

Near the end of the documentary, unable to afford a ticket to see her idols, not even able to get a response on twitter, stunningly outside of everything, she gets to meet Zayn…  in a manner of speaking. Dreamer is filmed at Madame Tussaud’s waxwork work figure of the boys. She sits to the waxwork Zayn, puts her arm around him and kisses him on the cheek.

It is a mirror image of Zayn on the phone with his Mommy, it breaks your heart, indeed, it makes you heartsick. There must be a billion worst things, sadder thing, that a multi-millionaire rock star unable to communicate how far away he has left his poverty stricken childhood, and a teenage girl who is so lost and alone she takes solace in waxwork figures.

They are coming from similar place, dreams coming true and leaving you alone, and daydreams coming true and leaving you alone, and the stench of poverty, of escaping from a past that neither Zayn nor Dreamer can come close to.

Zayn recently got engaged to a Little Mix. I wonder what Dreamer made of that.


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