Prince Is Charging You To Listen To His New Songs

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Prince is such an odd guy, three years ago he proclaimed that the internet was over, dead, but he is still using it!  He has said that ‘all these computers and digital gadgets are no good’.


I don’t know if Prince’s cluelessness is real or fake, but on Friday, he has unveiled a new track through his website 3rdeyegirl as he has been doing it for a little while now. Since, another song ‘That Girl Thang’ was added to the list. Nevertheless, he is charging $0.88 to listen to them, and there is absolutely no way to have a listen-before-you-buy of the songs, which aren’t on YouTube either. He probably realizes he is the only one doing this, every band in the world is posting a song or two for free download on their website, every album can be previewed on many websites before being streamed on Spotify, but you have to buy Prince’s stuff if you want to listen to it! Last week he charged $1.77 his fans to watch (and download) a video for his new song ‘Screwdriver’.


So Prince is asking you to buy his songs based on… faith, faith in his never-ending talent, faith in his ability to write new songs for his come back to the scene. I don’t want to do so, but many will, as, according to Minneapolis web designer BizzyWeb, the website is able to support tens of thousands of downloads. But how can he expect things to stay that way? People are gonna share the tracks, these are the new wild rules of the internet, is he gonna sue all the people who will post the songs on YouTube? I bet he will! However, NME is reporting that ‘Screwdriver’ is already available on Spotify!


There is so much contradiction in all this, Prince is using this same tool he has harshly criticized,… he is crazy, there isn't any logic into this but Prince doesn't even notice and certainly doesn't care because he has been living in his Prince world for too long.


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