Prince Was Even Weirder Than You Thought

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Prince left us this year as many others, and GQ magazine has the most click bait story on the purple one: ‘Prince’s closest friends share their best prince stories’… how could someone resist to such a promising title?

So what do we learn beside the fact he was a short guy who was always elegantly dressed with no pocket, no phone, no watch but an impeccable makeup?

The first thing you learn is that Prince smelt good. According to Corey Tollefson (Minneapolis-based entrepreneur and fan), he smelled lavender, ‘And you knew when he was there because you’d turn around and go, Holy shit, I smell Prince,’ and nobody should be surprised because lavender are, of course, purple flowers.

Dancer and singer Carmen Electra confirms that Prince was not of this world because he would never sleep, while dancer Cat Glover says he had ‘never really seen Prince eat’. But Prince would call his friends in the middle of the night, from a number they would not recognize, according to Misty Copeland (dancer at American Ballet Theatre), and using different accents—‘British and French…everything’. Prince was a joker!

He also was generous and playful, and walking around with no pocket, no wallet and no credit cards has some consequences when you order something as simple as a coffee, ‘He just had cash he’d carry in his hand—like, a $100 bill. And whoever took his order, they’d have a good day, ’cause he’d buy his coffee drink and then just leave the whole hundred. He doesn’t wait for any change because he doesn’t have anywhere to put it,’ told keyboardist Morris Hayes.

Prince was a bike lover (he loved BMX mountain bike), he was mysterious, intense, very competitive, and all these things are charming, in a very odd and delicious way, Prince was an eccentric but he also became a Jehovah’s witness and then things changed: ‘He didn’t want people cursing around him. His music went from X to PG—he wouldn’t put out something that was truly risqué or too sexual in nature. He had a swear bucket. It looked like one of those big plastic five-gallon buckets. If someone messed up, he’d give them side-eye and pretty much chide them, ‘ said Ian Boxill (who was engineer at Paisley Park)

The most curious anecdote comes from political activist Van Jones, who said Prince wanted to outlaw a few things his religion didn’t allow. ‘Why doesn’t Obama just outlaw birthdays?’ he once asked to Van Jones, ‘I was hoping that Obama, as soon as he was elected, would get up and announce there’d be no more Christmas presents and no more birthdays—we’ve got too much to do.’

The very long article is full of stories about Prince, truly one-of-the-kind character in our music landscape, and it’s a fun read for any fan of the purple one.


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