Prince’s “Chaos And Disorder” Reviewed

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The proof of Prince’s weakening composition skills is apparent on Chaos And Disorder, his “contractual obligation” album number 18 for Warner Brother’s. Specifically, the funk workouts like the organ pounding title track are in order, where the tough stuff, the glammy pop move  “Dinner With Delores” is disordered indeed.

However, if it is a matter of Prince not using his gifts for the greater good, why would he not use them once he owned his own label. Amd why that guitar solo on “I Like It There”? A terrific little blazer through the heart of a rock and funk album, On the third hand, why is “I Rock, Therefore I Am” neither rock nor am?

Prince claimed they were songs recorded for personal edification, which he subsequently  released to rid himself of the hated slave owners, but they are a little better than that. Song for song there are a lot of duds, for every “Dig You Better Dead” there are two “I Will”‘s and, on top of Prince refusing to promote the sucker at all, and also, being way way way overexposed, it died a somewhat deserved death.

It is just a collection of middling but not egregiously terrible songs, and the occasion workouts were pretty good… did the job alright, for sure. But I barely remembered it and expected a disaster movie of an album and didn’t get one, I should have trusted Robert Christgau who gave it an overrated “A-” but closer to the truth than the naysayers (myself included). I would love the very next album, which I also haven’t heard in decades except a song here and there, and will be fascinated to see how it stands up. For this one: “Chaos And Disorder”, “I Like It There” and “Dig You Better Dead” (Prince’s unintentional epitaph) are worth digging up.

Grade: B


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