Prince’s “Come” Reviewed

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No,  album # 16, Come,  isn’t as bad as you remember it to be, but that’s mainly because it was a shock in 1994 to discover when the muse had left Prince, all  that was left was the money shot. within ten years, funk work outs going nowhere were nothing new, indeed, we’d heard albums of them, and listening to Come today it isn’t specifically worse than, say Musicology.

Considered the contractual obligation album, the last one for Warner Brothers, it is all a little in your face and a lot lazy: the metaphors, on, say, “Race” (all the song titles are one name for some reason.) are bemusing:, the chorus goes ” Race In the space I mark human Face the music Race,  Face the music.  We all bones when we dead” and if that is pretty meaningless, the verses are terrible:

“Three seats over there’s a lady black
Entrusted to her care is a little white girl
And the fact of the matter is

Before her mom or another kid at school
Tells her about the fallacy that one race rules over the other
She’d be a much-better-off-left fool ”

But the song isn’t terrible, a typical jazz meets Funkadelic workout. Indeed, everything here would fit the same description give or take, it is all a steady beat workout with space where the song should be. Much better, Prince sings the fuck out of these songs. He might not have been into it, but he sang like was into it. Seldom has his falsetto been more singularly perfect, his range wider, and his come on hotter. Unfortunately, the sex songs aren’t worth coming over, the song segues creepy, like hearing a guy moaning is creepy if you aren’t gay, and the feigned orgasm (hers not his), on “Orgasm”, stupid.

So, yeah, if you don’t like Prince, Come won’t make you, and if you do love Prince, Come will make you wonder what is going on. This was a very prolific time for Prince, but if this collection is anything to go by, I have no idea what the hell the rest of the songs must have sounded like, or maybe I do.

Either way, there is a casualness to his  approach to music from here on out, a belief that if Prince says it is a song, it is a song, and not a workout, and it is misguided. The result is some great material over the upcoming years but not so many great albums.

Grade: B-


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