Prince’s Estate Withholds New Music For A Reality Show?

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What worst could happen to you beside dying? I know! Seeing your close ones expose your personal life in a reality show. Even if you are dead, it has to be painful. I don’t know what Prince’s relatives are thinking, but this is the proof that there isn’t anything people won’t do for money.

Apparently we have reached a new low in the case of celebrity death exploitation. According to TMZ and NME, Prince’s estate opposed the release of a new EP of unreleased recordings on the anniversary of the iconic musician’s death, because they want to use the music for a new reality show! You read this correctly, a reality show, which would allegedly ‘focus on how their lives have changed since he died.’

The reality show is still unsigned and described to be in the early development stages, but if this is really happening, it has to be the trashiest, the most exploitative use of music after the death of a musician.

But who are these people anyway? We barely know them, but let’s see, there’s Tyka Nelson, Prince’s sister who filled court documents after his death as she wanted to take over the responsibility of his estate, so it’s not a good sign right there. There are also Sharon L. Nelson, Prince’s half sister, 20 years older than him and Norrine P. Nelson, another half-sister, also much older than him, a 10 years older half brother John R. Nelson, and there are a few other half relatives, but the closeness of their relationship with Prince is very unclear, and none of them seemed to be really in touch, so how could their lives have changed since his death? For example his other half-brother Alfred Jackson said to ET last year that he hadn’t seen Prince in nearly 15 years.

The Jacksons got the same awful idea of reality show back in 2009, and it didn’t go far, the Osbournes was a real embarrassment for Ozzy, but at least the show wasn’t exploiting the death of anyone. They could call it, Keeping up with the Nelsons, or ‘How to expose the life of a recluse?’,… a reality show for a guy who had a very strong no-photo policy during his concerts? Well done Nelson family! We can only hope for a complete flop.


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