Priscilla Presley: Elvis Would Not Be On Twitter!

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We can always speculate who would be on Twitter or other social media among the rock stars of the past. It seems that these days no star can go through an entire career without participating into this crazy enterprise and document some aspect of his or her life while interacting with fans… it’s part of the game even though it is as fake as the rest.

Some abstain completely from this comedy, others keep a low profile on social media, and we hear all the time that some artist has left social media because he or she couldn’t handle the pressure and the bullying. So we may speculate about who would be on Twitter but we may have an answer regarding the greatest rock star who has ever existed: Elvis Presley. Because who would know better than his wife Priscilla Presley?

‘No. No. No, no, no. He wouldn’t,’ she declared, according to the LA Times. She is certain that the King would not be on Twitter. ‘He didn’t even write a letter. Elvis was very private. He didn’t go around telling what he had for dinner or taking pictures in front of stores with particular outfits that he liked.’

‘It’s very different today,’ she continued. ‘Now, people do anything to get attention.’

She was discussing ‘The Wonder of You’, a new album released last week with freshly recorded orchestral arrangements added to Elvis classics like ‘Suspicious Minds’ and ‘Kentucky Rain’. Obviously we have to wonder why we would need such recordings, but since a similar album, released in 2015, went number 1 in Britain and sold 1.5 million copies, who can blame her?

So Elvis was very private, his former wife tells she is ‘very protective of his reputation’, although she is nevertheless living on his legacy decades later, milking the music with unnecessary orchestral arrangements added to rock songs. It totally makes sense.

A very quick search on Twitter returned this verified Elvis Presley account with 248K followers and filled with promotions, vintage photos of the King and diverse merchandize, from shirts to handbags and even promotions for American Crew, a line of hair products for men which is using the image of the King. Priscilla swears Elvis would never want to be on Twitter, so who put him there?

So may be Elvis was a very private man as Priscilla says, but his legacy is on social media and exposed all over the place. He is on Instagram and obviously on Facebook. I just wonder how many followers he would have these days, as 248 K compares very poorly with our current pop stars, such as Justin Bieber (89.2 M), Lady Gaga (64.2 M), Drake (34.1 M), Kanye West (26.3 M), Beyonce (14.6 M),… Even Michael Jackson has 2 M followers and he is dead!


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