Private Investigator Tom Grant Got His Facebook Account Suspended!

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Tom Grant

Trying to find the truth about someone or some events that happened many years ago, necessarily violate some standards, you have to stick your nose into stuff that isn’t your business, you have to dig dirt about other people’s life. Could it be ethical? I think it is if there are a good reason to do it, a good reason such as suspecting a murder may have taken place? After all this writing attempting to find the truth about Elliott Smith’s death and necessarily exposing a few facts not necessarily flattering for a certain person who may have been involved, I wonder,… how far I can go? Every time I ask myself, are other people reading? And are they ready to attempt something against the site? Let’s face it, it is very possible.

Private Detective Tom Grant, who has been in charge of the very high-profile Kurt Cobain’s case for more than 20 years, was the victim of a very weird event just yesterday. This is what he posted on his Facebook:

‘I’ve had this Facebook page since 2007. It has never been removed by Facebook, until yesterday morning when, all of a sudden it was gone. Someone else also wrote to Ben Statler complaining that my page had disappeared, so I knew this was not a glitch in my computer.

Facebook required that I send them a photograph of my drivers license, (or other such I.D.) to “verify my account.” I felt that was very intrusive and would not have normally done so, but I did some research and concluded this was an actual request from Facebook, so I sent it to them.

I still feel this goes over the line for a company such as Facebook, but the site was restored within an hour or two.

This morning I received an e-mail from an administrator at Facebook. It read:
“Your post was reported for violating Facebook’s Community Standards on nudity.
Since it doesn’t violate this community standard, it was not removed.”

So, after all these years and leading up to the release of “Soaked in Bleach,” suddenly, someone complains to Facebook about my page.

Hmmm. I wonder who this desperate, deceptive person might be?

In any case, if this page should disappear in the future I suggest that you all go to

I will change the front page of that site to accommodate our updates and other information prior to and following the release of “Soaked in Bleach.”

I can also be reached at

I cannot answer individual questions by e-mail but [short] comments are always welcomed and read.
“I will change the date of this post later tonight or tomorrow so that the SIB updates stay at the top of my timeline).


I guess he could have been sued at many occasions, the Cobain Case page is full of damaging information, but that’s the deal, these are information, facts, and it’s very hard to sue someone for exposing facts! That’s why they attacked him on some nudity BS.

Facebook policy is kind of a mystery to me, I don’t understand why Grant had to go through all this and why Facebook suspended his page even though there was absolutely nothing reprehensible on his page, I bet Facebook takes down a page automatically if there are enough complaints. But this is very telling, he must be doing something right, he must make the Courtney supporters very nervous, and could it be because the movie ‘Soaked in Bleach’, a film he has been advertising a lot on his page, will be released in less than 2 weeks? You bet! On a side note, I also thought that the nudity accusation was very comical considering that Courtney Love is constantly showing her ugly nude ass in this recent Cobain movie, ‘Montage of Heck’.

I would not dare comparing what I am doing to Tom Grant’s work. He is an ex-LAPD, a P.I. who has tons of experience and access to a lot of resources… still, I am looking for the truth regarding a suicide-versus-murder story of another musician. Elliott Smith’s case is certainly not as high-profile as Kurt Cobain’s, but we are probably annoying a few people right? ‘It’s a wonder they didn’t close us down’ told me Iman, my editor, and I sometimes think about it. However, I saw Jennifer Chiba close and personal, and she actually may like all the attention she is receiving, in a sick way, as she may be the narcissistic kind, the type that enjoys any consideration, good or bad. At the end, do I have any scruples to participate into this constant personality assassination? Not really, I know enough about the case and the main person involved, to get over any scruples. But if we are shut down one day, you’ll where this come from!

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6 Responses to “Private Investigator Tom Grant Got His Facebook Account Suspended!”

  1. Tasha

    WOW! Someone even reported the links you have in your article to Facebook for spam.

    “Something Went Wrong
    Sorry, there was a problem with this link:
    You can now continue to this website, or go back to the page you were on before.
    Remember, only follow links from sources you trust.”


  2. Tanya

    This is unorthodox, however maybe you should contact a medium to investigate this case as well. She or he could shed a lot of light on many unanswered questions.

  3. danielle

    j’aimerais vous envoyer une adresse email qui a retenu mon attention: le message dit ce qui suit: Elizabeth Harris · Bright loser at Everywhere And Nowhere
    I would like to say that I was involved in the Seattle drug /heroin scene during this time. I was actually very tight with many of the homeless kids on broadway and the heroinaddicts . I know for a fact, cause I witnessed it and heard about it from alot of people that Courtney love tried to hire homeless gutterpunks to do her bidding, as in kill Kurt. And now to find out that the man who found her a killer died soon after just makes it that more real. We tried to tell the cops that she had tried to hire this person and that person, who came forward as well, and to get junkies to go to the cops is hard!!! But the cops didn’t want to hear from a bunch of gutterpunk junkies. We tried to get them to use us as witnesses, but again, who listens. Now I’m a recovering junky, clean 13years, with a home, and a cat, and I still get angry that nobody believes she had him killed. She tried to pay many people, for a few years she was looking. Its a pity

    Je suis cette affaire depuis un moment et ça me chagrine comment tout le monde est vendu! il y a beaucoup d’incohérence, et j’ai aussi porté une attention à la petite amie de Cali à l’époque, Jessica Hooper, le fait que lorsque Cali s’était absenté elle a entendu des pas décidés dans la maison, et elle a appelé et personne n’a répondu, elle est parti le lendemain ou le surlendemain en vitesse, après qu’elle fut malade dans le drive way de Kurt cobain’s house!!!!



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