Project N-Fidelikah At The Troubadour, Monday December 14th 2015 Review

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Project N-Fidelikah


Before Halo Circus’ set the Troubadour stage on Monday night, during Say it Loud! A Night of Cultural Disruption, an interesting band with an intriguing moniker and an even more curious line-up had decided to truly entertain the crowd.

If I read it correctly, it was the debut show for the curious anti-supergroup called Project N-Fidelikah and featuring bassist Pancho Tomaselli (ex-War) with other legendary artists: Angelo Moore, lead singer for the Los Angeles alternative rock band Fishbone, was on vocals, saxophone and keyboard, George Lynch of the heavy metal band Dokken and Lynch Mob was on guitar, and Chris Moore was on drums. It sounded like an impossible blend but somehow, it was a dynamite combination. Project N-Fidelikah presented themselves with some chaos and an awesome weirdness, but they started their show with a crazy video, summing up in a few minutes everything that is going wrong in the world today, from ISIS terrorist attacks, to global warming, corruption, wars and bombs. They were certainly on a mission to start a sort of revolution, with a surrealist and unique vision and some crazy mix of funk, rock, jazz, blues, or rather some ‘punk funk from the ghetto underground’ as they described their project on their Facebook page.

Angelo Moore was one of the stars of the show, although I can’t say he was considering himself as the real frontman, but he was in full Fishbone-mode character, moving from the keyboard to the sax, being loud and bold, making funny faces, and sweating his hat off, while Pancho Tomaselli was bouncing all over the place, climbing on the amps like a mad animal following the challenging rhythms of George Lynch’s inventive guitar and Chris Moore’s powerful drumming… the music was so high energy from start to finish, the cacophony-chaos they installed right away was so unexpected that they actually took everyone by surprise.

They had one song a bit more conventional that Angelo called their gospel song, but which had a big southern rock sound and they dedicated a song to Michael Jackson, while hilariously screaming ‘I want to be white but I can’t’ over some very sludgy heavy guitar riffs. They were mixing a truly idiosyncratic sound and a fun attitude with serious subjects, talking about the world in crisis or police brutality with lyrics like ‘Blue Klux Klan and that KKK-pasa?/Programmed to kill darkies and la raza!’

According to what I have read, they first wanted to be called ‘The Infidels,’ but they had a second thought:

‘We didn’t want nobody coming up trying to shoot us at the concert, cut our heads off, so what I decided to do was take the Infidels and change it into almost a Swahili afro-centric name!,’ explained Angelo Moore to the OC Weekly. ‘What if a lady’s name was N-fidelikah? What if N-fidelika was a giant Native American twerking robot who smashed all the villains with her ass?’

Project N-Fidelikah kept it weird the whole time and their debut at the Troubadour didn’t get unnoticed, people were cheering, being very supportive. And they don’t want to stop there, as they are supposed to tour and release a self-titled album next year. It should totally work, they visibly were having a lot of fun, like ‘old guys’ who have found a new way to do what they have been doing for years.

More pictures of the show here.

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