Psychedelic Furs, "Heaven" Video Reviewed

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Reviewing this video is just a way for me to write about the P Furs.  We haven't done enough on them.  Rich Butler and the gang had a great sound. I say 'had' despite knowing they still tour- they ain't the same.

I always loved Butlers mouth.  Flat teeth are cool and he was so damn thin and pale that I'm sure there were screams of 'Bowie wanna be' but I don't see it.  This video is silly rain, wow theres an idea.  Not too imaginative.  The video for 'Sister Europe" was cooler.  So dark and thumpy that song was.  Maybe I should have reviewed that one instead

Anyway "HE VUHHHN" is a great pop song.  It has some good quotables ' there a clock on the wall and it keeps my time' among others.  I wonder why these guys didn't get bigger.  They had that whole 'Brat Pack" movie cult happening, with songs like "Pretty In Pink" but as great as they were in the 80s they never got mega.  Perhaps that's why I still listen to them today.  I'm hip.

Echo and The Bunnymen, The Church, The Psychedelic Furs all great bands that never made it as big as I thought they should 

The Furs have been around since 1977.  They have broken up and had reunions and Butlers voice has remained strong. That raspy sound is trademark and wonderful. OK  now back to the video.  Not much but wet men.  I can handle that.  Butler is adorable and actually shows a bit of Bowie inspired theatrical moves (check the face in the glaahhhs that looks like mine) but shows a sense of humor as well. 

A great song- a horrible video and a band I will always love.


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