Psychobilly, Rockabilly, WTFabilly?

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Psychobilly is a silly name. Rockabilly with black nails I suppose but as goofy as its title, its still way cool.  I used to ADORE The Cramps.  I cant tell you how many time I would teeter on fence posts singin "I'm a human flyy I spell it f-l-y".  Decades ago of course, I'm not half as limber and wiry as I once was but you get the drift. 

This 'dark' rock really isn't dark at all but really more of a tongue and cheek dabble in horror movies and rockabilly. Its like the Mummy chilling with Elvis sorta- more kitsch' then fear.

What is more interesting is what those sillys over at wikipedia have to say about it.  Apparently psychobilly is punk rock and rockabilly.  Hmm, yeah no.

There are other Billies too!  thrashabilly, trashabilly, punkabilly, surfabilly and gothabilly, how about idiotabilly.  Apparently to be a billy you need only have a twang. GOTHABILLY? 

We need categories so badly that we will take a sub genre and sub it some more until its Helabilly.. that's the rockabilly genre of shit I listen to.  I adore rockabilly and whatever other spice they throw in to it is usually fun, its the titles that are beginning to annoy me.  Luckily I don't pay much mind to it- heck we all have a quirk to us, I suppose kids today just want to be unique- nearly impossible in a world of been theres and done thats. 

Still fun stuff, from The Stray Cats to The Cramps its all in good fun.  They say also that psychobilly began in the 80's with The Meteors in Bristol UK….hmm nope I don't think so but evidently this was written by a Brit, they need a bit of cred so lets let them have it.

In honor of a genre of fun check out the Koffin Kats latest video "The Way of The Road".  So freakin hilarious and if you dont appreciate the music just admit that you had a toe tappin' on it.. way go daddy oh….stolen right off Altpress..  Bt the way there is absolutely NO 'billy' in this- its Smithereens with an upright

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