Punk Band Superbean Want To ‘Fuck Youth’

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‘In the old days, punk rock was about the kids. Now that all the punks are old, it’s the kids that are the problem. So we say ‘FUCK YOUTH!’ declared Superbean,

I saw Superbean at Havard & Stone once, and they were a lot of fun, their old-school straight-forward punk attitude with explosive guitars and catchy pop tunes was a happy riot. In their new video, they carry that same upbeat attitude with a very funny song ‘Fuck Youth’, a feeling that 50-plus-year-old are too familiar with. ‘I’m so glad that I am an old man, when you get older you will know the truth’ they scream-sing together.

If punk rock was all about youth rebellion, now old punks can’t stand the kids’ obsession with cell phones and electronics… It’s always the same story, when you get old, you think the new generation has lost its identity and attitude, and you can’t understand them. Yeah, nobody wants to be this old geezer screaming ‘get off my lawn’, but it seems to be unavoidable.

Superbean are well aware of this, aware this is the leitmotiv of every generation, and that’s why they have included so much humor in their satire-like video. And the fact that, in a-two-minute video, they manage to include an old angry guy and kids whining when their cell phones are taking away, brings a lot of humor into the conversation… I bet that these kids didn’t have to be asked for long to give the middle finger with so much conviction.

Singer and guitarist Steve Moramarco told me that the video went viral and it already has more than 12,000 views and counting! ‘Fuck Youth’ has to be the anthem of my generation, and nobody is taking this seriously of course, except the damn youth!


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