Punk Rockstar Chef Anthony Bourdain Has Left The Kitchen

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Anthony Bourdain and Iggy Pop


Like many people, I woke up this morning to learn the sad news that Anthony Bourdain had committed suicide by hanging himself in his hotel room in Strasbourg, France. He was working, filming an episode of his popular CNN series, ‘Parts Unknown’, but Bourdain had many facets and many success stories: he had another series ‘No Reservations’, he was a great writer, an amazing storyteller, a passionate observer of human behavior, an intense explorer of human cultures and of course he was a chef. He would make anything interesting, he was outspoken, fearless, especially regarding what he would put in his mouth, but also regarding the unknown, the other cultures. And if I did not always agree with him (he had the worst opinion of vegetarians), he was not afraid to say what he thought about anything, and he couldn’t care less about anyone’s opinion, at least this is the impression he was giving.

Bourdain was a friend of Queens of the Stone Age’s Joshua Homme, they did together this great episode of No Reservations in the Californian desert, and he was a sort of rockstar himself, a music lover, friend of the rockstars,… Iggy Pop was one of the first to comment after his death:

‘MESSAGE FROM IGGY: “I’m in shock having just heard that Anthony Bourdain has passed away. I loved the guy, and he was a light of kindness and good vibes in my life.

Iggy Pop’

Although I never met him, I heard he was present at this intimate QOTSA concert at the Teragram Ballroom that I attended in 2015, and of course he was a guest at Iggy Pop’s show at the same venue for the launch of the Post Pop Depression tour. Being friends with Iggy has to be a life goal,… and Anthony Bourdain had reached this goal of coolness.

As many other people, I am in disbelief, I thought Anthony would be the last person to commit suicide, he was tough and strong, he was able to eat the most disgusting food in the least hygienic places of the planet, and if you are what you eat, he looked indestructible.

If his suicide is confirmed (they have carefully used the term ‘apparent suicide’ for now), it is another proof that we never know what’s going on in people’s life and head. He had this unusual capacity for empathy, walking into other people’s shoes anywhere in the world, and then, one night, nobody was there to fill his shoes. Did he ask for help?

We have a hard time to accept suicide, it is considered as the most selfish act especially when there are young children left behind, it’s the ultimate fuck you all, I’m done, and if Anthony Bourdain really committed suicide, if it was not an accident, if he really wanted to die, it is very sad. However, I believe in people’s right to take their life, if life has become unbearable… This is the only choice we have, if we believe we still have any choice in life. But, as a person who has never been even close to contemplating suicide, I would say this: people may repeat this well-known sentence, ‘suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem’, however, sometimes the problem is NOT temporary.

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