Queens Of The Stone Age At Jimmy Kimmel Live, Monday July 29th 2013

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Queens of The Stone Age





















May be this is what rock’ n’ roll is about, may be you have to have a certain crush on the frontman (or woman), if not a crush at least a certain attraction that keeps you interested a little bit more above the plain appreciation of the music, otherwise you don’t really have this rush of adrenaline when you are gonna see a band,… yes, there is the music you enjoy or even love, but I am talking about another level of excitement.

In the green room of Jimmy Kimmel Live, everyone was drinking and eating and I couldn’t swallow a thing,… I was too excited plus it was only 5 pm! Do stars hang out in the green room? I wonder if anyone is gonna make an apparition, they said at the entrance that pictures were not allowed, and I did recognize a few people (the guy who does the Comedy Central Roast) but I am not watching enough TV. Thanks to Iman, I got this green room special, so I can comfortably sit in this air conditioning room, watching Jimmy Kimmel Live on giant screens with all that free food, instead of standing outside as I have done it for Interpol a few years ago. At the time, I had sworn to myself I would never do it again, because waiting for 5 hours and hearing 5-6 songs was kind of crazy. But I was there again, sure in VIP conditions, but still waiting and waiting, as the show didn’t start before 8 pm.

So there are not a lot of bands that would have make me do the Jimmy Kimmel long wait again, but Queens of the Stone Age is certainly one of these bands. I had many music crushes in the past, and Josh Homme does it for me: tall, bold, playing badass music, he is so atypical for me and my usual series of shy introvert favorite songwriters.

After the Jimmy Kimmel Live taping, I exited the green room, may be a little in advance compared to most of the other people, but I actually got to see Josh Homme walking by to get prepare for the show,… I looked at him and had this thankful smile frozen on my face,… he saw it for a few seconds and disappeared… hey, eye contact with Josh Homme doesn’t happen every day!

After more wait, more audience warm-up by Don Barris, who said that the band had to wait till the sun was down to start playing, it was QOTSA’s time, at last… and as expected they only did 6 songs, which goes very very fast. So I was trying to make the most of it, but the cameramen always obstructing my view weren’t helping. They were moving around with their cameras to film the entire show, although only one or two songs will actually be shown on TV?

The tempo of QOTSA’s songs also don’t help, most of them are fast and they seem to accelerate the time with a rare urgency. In any case, they played 4 songs off their latest release ‘… Like Clockwork’, the hot dance numbers ‘If I Had a Tail’ and ‘I Sat by the Ocean’, the totally kicking-ass hymn ‘My God is the Sun’,… and you are my god Josh I thought! They projected the same animation that they did at the Wiltern, with lots of fire and black bird flights. Homme also sat behind the piano for the devastating ballad ‘The Vampyre of Time and Memory’ which always turns his falsetto into something so sad and heartbreaking. They also did an old one for the ‘Little Sister'(s) (and the big sisters) and of course ended with their monumental ‘Song for the Dead’, as they did probably many times before. But there’s such a fury in this song, it stops and starts again with this thunderous noisy riffs piling up on each other, and watching Homme, dancing, bouncing, almost fighting with his guitar as if it was a wild animal, is something damn sexy. How did he come up with that sound? How did he manage to mix something so lyrical with such a heavy sound? I should have asked him an hour ago! But it went so fast, the concert went so fast, life goes so fast, still, I got a two-second eye contact with Josh Homme, and that’s good for eternity.


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