Queens Of The Stone Age Cancel Their LA-Area Show Because Of The Scalper Problem

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After desperately trying (and failing) to get a ticket for Queens of The Stone Age’s show at the Ventura theater on August 10th, it was kind of crazy to learn that the show has been canceled today! The process was a bit painful and misleading, since fans who had pre-ordered the album, had received a personal code, and were probably full of hope… I know I was. After receiving the message ‘you are in group 1 for the pre-sale’, I was confident I would get a ticket, but of course I was wrong. I never got the chance to even select the number of tickets I wanted, and the pre-sale sold out in a record time. There was not even a general sale 2 days later as promised. I still wonder, because I never saw one when I refreshed the page about a million times.

In any case, many fans got angry, especially because a lot of tickets for the show ended on resellers sites such as StubHub and Vivid seats, as it is always the case.

I don’t blame the band, there is obviously a huge demand for QOTSA right now, the theater had a small capacity, around 1,200, and it was their only LA-area show. But more codes than seats had been distributed (the question is how many more?) and this is probably where the error was made. So what  else should they have expected?

Today, the show was cancelled, and another group of fans got angry, obviously the ones who had managed to get tickets. A lot of internet discussions followed, with many fans complaining they had been let down as they had booked hotel reservations and even flights to see the show. These things happen, I drove to Las Vegas to see the Stones (and other people flew from far away) and they cancelled the show at the last minute.

This morning, QOTSA posted about the cancellation reassuring fans that they will be reimbursed, but they also announced that fans who had pre-ordered the album, would received a pre-sale code for 2 other pre-sale tickets, the Cal Jam 17 headlined by Foo Fighters at Glen Helen Regional Park in October, and the next QOTSA show in the LA Area

QOTSA also added this explanation about an hour ago:

‘The show was cancelled for two reasons. The scalper problem, and the box office problem. there will be another show announced, the people who had pre-sale codes will get first shot at a pre-sale and all the names for the ENTIRE show will be at the door. Are you done fighting about this now?’

So everyone should rejoice! Especially people who hadn’t had the chance to get a ticket (and I am gonna be very selfish for once). Hopefully they will announce another show soon, people with codes will have another chance to get a ticket, and the band will probably pick a larger LA venue, which can accommodate more people. Also regarding the scalper problem, they should do it the way LCD Soundsystem handled things last time. What about personalized tickets that you can only get at the door the day of the show with a valid ID? Just a suggestion… and if you stay on the same subject, LCD Soundsystem is playing 5 nights at the Palladium in LA in November, and this could be another suggestion to satisfy everyone Mr. Homme.

Right now QOTSA may take some heat from a few angry fans but they cancelled the show because of the scalping system and they are taking a stand against an unfair system. So that’s a good thing.


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