Queens of the Stone Age May Release A New Single? Album? At The End Of July

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Queens of the Stone Age at the Teragram Ballroom


Iman always says I am obsessed with this band, but music news are slow on an Oscars Sunday and I am not in the mood for writing about anything related to this Hollywood business.

Queens of the Stone Age has an upcoming album, which will probably be released this summer, and at a time when people complain that rock is dead, that there are no good rock bands anymore – someone at Ryan Adams’ show told me that – we should rejoice QOSTA still exists!

And believe me, a lot of people are excited about the upcoming release, especially since a screen shot has been circulating on social media. It is apparently a shot of a computer screen, coming from an unknown source (ha mystery), may be uploaded by a studio the band has used before, and showing track names, which suggested QOTSA has been recording there. There is also a new title name ‘Head Boy Machine’, listed with a release date, July 31st… And fans now believe this is gonna be the first single, while the TBA above could be the new LP?

Again, nobody has confirmed it was true, nothing has been confirmed, the origin of the image is uncertain and according to the Antiquiet, the band’s management has even called the news ‘totally fake’ .… but because QOTSA are such teasers, they have also posted a photo on their official Instagram showing partial titles of songs (?) handwritten on a chart, and the first one starts with ‘Head’, so this tells me these are the track titles indeed? Who knows?

The band has already booked a few festival dates, and they have been confirmed as one of the headlining acts for this year’s upcoming Montebello Fest in Montebello, in Quebec, Canada, and for the upcoming Fuji Rock festival in Japan. As both festivals are happening respectively in June and July, they have to have new material play.

One thing is certain, they have been recording this winter, this was confirmed by blurry studio photos appearing on their Instagram, and Mastodon’s Troy Sanders telling NME back in January: ‘Queens of the Stone Age, Mastodon and At the Drive-In have all been recording, and we all have new records coming out this year.’

So expect a very rocking summer people.



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