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Sweetest Thing – U2 – The greatest pleasure to be found in the upcoming Joshua Tree tour will be this superb B Side, which flew itself out of the mix and onto the radio. The re recorded version from 98 is actually better but hey, let’s stay true to the year – B+

Yours If You Want It – Rascal Flatts – Business as usual trotting country generic sweetest stuff – C+

We A Family – The Flaming Lips – Still hot on their worst band ever acid test, this is more of the same. They might well be a family, but what has that to do with me? This is doozy hippie bullshit – C

Castle On A Hill – Ed Sheeran – Forget about the song, which is certainly forgettable enough (though the line where he has his first kiss is a goodie, I reckon) and check this out from Billboard: “Sheeran’s “Shape of You” was played 6,868,642 times after it dropped last Friday, according to his record company Warner Music, while its counterpart “Castle On The Hill” was listened to 6,168,395 times. That’s 13 million plays in one day, or roughly half-a-million listens each hour.” – B+

True Love Waits – Radiohead – The long awaited recording of one of their prettiest songs doesn’t quite cut it, there is something boring about it, meant to captivate it drears instead – B-

Where Do You Go To (My Lovely) – Peter Sarstedt – This is the least American song ever written in any language. In the US the lovely’s upward mobility from extreme poverty would be loudly applaud, but here it is something hidden deep in her mind. The girl in question was beyond poor and actually went hungry – A

Now There Is Nothing – Hot Chips – Once you know McCartney is the influence, the influence is hard to miss though the melodies aren’t strong enough to sell the conceit – C+

Sweetest Thing – The Single Mix – U2 – Hear what I mean, just changing it up a little and the song comes to life – A+


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