Randy Travis- Not Dead

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The newest member of the Bret Michaels ‘dead..joke!’ club is Randy Travis.  Heaven knows I sit like the dark angel waiting for musicians die.  Ask anyone.  I will often clench my fist and scream for  a quick passing on slow news days.  But then there are the Bret’s of the world- those silly teasers who get put on priest watch so often that even God is sick of it.  Randy Travis has gone from country icon to drunken mess, to dead to  BACK TO LIFE!

Welcome back Randy.  That was a trip ay?  Am I being crass? Nah, just frank.  Randy is 54 years old has a fabulous track record and a drinking problem.  Randy is human and Randy can be OK if he gets some help for the addiction and stops driving while tanked.  If you drive while drunk you dont deserve my empathy.  So someone take his keys or his heart will take care of the problem.

Randy was initially hospitalized on July 7 due to cardiomyopathy, a malady that swells the heart which in turn weakens the organ.

“He has what’s called idiopathic cardiomyopathy, which means he has scarring of his heart muscle that is causing his heart to be weak and not able to support his circulation without help of either medical devices or medication,” Dr. Michael Mack said in a statement to TMZ recently. “From the appearance on echocardiograms, which are images of his heart, this is not the appearance of either drugs or alcohol causing the heart condition. Mr. Travis does have a family history of cardiomyopathy and it is more likely related to that.”

Welcome back to life Randy.  What will your next adventure be?


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