Ravenheart “Nice and Sleazy” Reviewed

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What starts out as an almost psychedelic intro turns into a something much more sinister and borderline illegal.

Ravenheart is not for the faint of heart.  The band never fails to keep me on edge.  There is no lull of comfort in any regard.  For a hard rock genre they have never relied upon the masturbatory tricks of most.  There are no painful never ending guitar solos or ego stroking screams.  There are some glimmering guitar moments for sure, Sean and Scott cant hide in the background, nor should they.

Ravenheart is similar to the serial killer everyone described as “nice and quiet- a perfect neighbor, everyone loved him” but meanwhile there are 48 bodies and a half a church alter covered in goats blood buried in their sublet flat.  They’re not what they appear to be and it’s a psychological intelligence that gives them the ability to stand out clear above others in their genre.

But that’s where the fun begins.  I can’t describe the absolute disturbing vocals provided by front man Duncan Barker.  The lilt at the end of each line is simply unnerving.  Lyrics have not been oozed out more filthily since “Uncle Ernie” from The Who’s rock opera Tommy.  Barker is that scary guy in a trench coat in the alley offering you candy and a lift home.  Don’t go- it won’t end well.

The band wraps the vocals in gritty old newsprint, adding a familiarly yet disturbing vehicle for the words that creep you out.  Shout out to Lyn Lewis on this one who kills the drums (and most likely some of his neighbors and the shop keeper down the street) brilliantly with bass man Anthony Thomson.  There’s lead pipes in there somewhere, or worse.

Dark rock.. Spooky rock.. Lock your doors, Shut the lights and pretend you’re not home rock

Nice and Sleazy could well be Ravenhearts ticket to infamy…hide your daughters.

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