Ravenheart “One Eyed God” Video Review

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In my never ending quest to scare the shit out of myself I find this video from West Wales UK’s own Ravenheart does the trick.   Couple the black light with the absolutely terrifying demonic voice of Duncan Baker and you have a metal girls dream come true.

Its been almost five years since I discovered these guys and things have just gotten better for them.  Hard rock is a tough business and the men of Ravenheart combine melodic mayhem with intelligent words.  In this video the imagery is disturbing but real, with televangelists and bible thumpers the lyrics punch you in the face.

Musically the band is bleeding into the board with fast repetitions with slamming beats.  This is what walls of death were made for.  In a genre of scream and pose its refreshing to find true musicianship and intelligent thought.  There’s enough screamo bullshit to line a cell, what the world needs now is more doomsday reporting and these guys are the dark angels of reality.



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