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Taylor Swift’s new home


I live in the land of the stars, so unavoidably they are buying and selling houses in my neighborhood or close to my neighborhood. Curbed LA has all the real estate stories of the year, and if you only consider those about pop and rock stars, all I can say is that there’s a lot of money in this town!

Here are the losers:

Jennifer Lopez has tried to sell her Hidden Hills estate (that she bought with ex-husband Marc Antony in 2010) a huge 17.129 square house with dance studio, gym, theater, 8 fireplaces, a recording studio, a pool. 8-car garage, for $17 million… But Jenny from the block is now asking for $14.5 million, luxury doesn’t always sell.

Slash put his Mulholland Estates mansion up for sale back in June, and the house has a very peculiar look with pirate ship chandeliers, leather rooms, a nightclub with DJ and photo booths, a tiny little skate ramp, a recording studio, two two-car garages, multiple wetbars, a library, a playroom, a screening room, an outdoor living room, organic vegetable garden, and pool and spa, well, you name it! It was listed for $10.995 million but it hasn’t been sold yet.

I actually don’t know if Sia is a loser or a winner but she bought this Los Feliz house with a weird antique look in July for $4,7 million and listed it again for $4.995 million in October… not a big profit if she sold it at this price. Since Sia wants to stay in LA she bought this Toluca Lake propriety for $5.15 million, may be because she wanted a recording studio.

Time will tell if Kanye West and Kim Kardashian are looser or winner but they put their Hidden Hills huge mansion on the market in November asking for more than $20 million. When you know they only pay $9 million for it, they could make a lot of money but they renovated the whole thing with over-the-top items such as a fridge covered in Swarovski crystals, a million-dollar security system, and four gold-plated toilets… it’s a huge and totally indecent thing and I don’t get why these celebrities put so much money into proprieties to sell them a few months later. Who is crazy enough to be willing to pee on gold?

Here are the winners:

Miley Cyrus had an upgrade, she went from her parents’ Studio City neighborhood to a 5.5-acre horse ranch vineyard in Hidden Hills, so she can have a few ponies and a 1,000-bottle cellar. She allegedly paid $5 million for this.

Pharrell bought a very stylish propriety in Laurel Canyon for $7.4 million, and this thing is just breathtaking, with walls of glass, sliding dooes, amazing views and a designer pool. And the best part for Pharrell is that it went up for sale last July at $9 million and Pharrell got it for only $7.14 million.

Britney Spears went country and bought this 21-acre museum-like ranch-propriety, with a 12,464-square-foot Italian Villa, a library, an elevator, a media/game room, a pool house with its own kitchen and bathroom, a 3,500-bottle wine cellar, a tennis court, a pool, a spa, an orchard, a three-hole golf course,… and she got the whole package for only $7.4 million.

Elton John bought this sumptuous three-story 25,000 square feet ‘Mediterranean villa’, which includes an elevator, 9 fireplaces, an 11-car underground garage, a screening room, a library, a game room, a wine cellar, a gym, a mosaic tiled pool, and an outdoor kitchen… for $33 million. It’s an excellent deal considering they were asking for $63 million in 2011!

And I kept this one for the end so that Iman can stalk her… Taylor Swift bought a new house in Beverly Hills for $25 million, and it’s not any house because it was originally commissioned by Samuel Goldwyn (the “G” in MGM) in 1934, yep Hollywood royalty! As expected, it’s huge and almost disgusting for the single little woman that she is, how can her tiny ass occupies six bedrooms and five bathrooms, a library, a card room, a theater with 35mm projection, a guest suite with a private entrance, a staff lodging above the garage, terraces, gardens, lawns, a lighted tennis court, and a pool with pool house at the same time? I know she has a squad…They were asking for $39 million in March, so Taylor made a good deal.

PS Iman, I have found the address

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