Record Store Day in Manchester, CT

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I spent a great deal of time making fun of Record Store Day.  That is because we have no record stores.  Well imagine my surprise when I sauntered in to Newbury Comics in Manchester, CT. 

By golly, It IS RECORD STORED DAY!  I have to say it was Mary Magpies idea to go there in the first place.  She has picked up a retro turntable and suddenly is queen hipster so we went to check out what they had, not even realizing they could be celebrating this event, 

I spoke with Newbury Comic employee, Therrien, who informed me that there were over 120 people waiting outside the shop this morning, up from last years 50 people.  Crowd control for the tiny store mean letting only 2 in at a time.  Its hard to imagine that happening here.  I mean in Connecticut we wait out for an iPad or something but really, we aren't that hip. 

The Newbury Comic location used its Facebook page to advertise the event and even had a few promotions to go with it.  I was really shocked at the number of people who were there.  Apparently the sleepy suburbs of Connecticut have more hipsters than I gave them credit for.  Cardboard boxes on card tables held a wealth of music from Bowie to Jack White.  Best part?  Tons of 45's!

So what did the Magpie score?  A rare pressing of Bayside Acoustic, WITH TYPO!  Take that hipsters.


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