Reviewing The Setlist 2018: With A Lot Of Major Tours This Summer, Let’s Take A Look…

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The grades reflect the setlist only and not the performances.

Arctic Monkeys – Ten songs off their last two albums – C+

Beck – Opens heavy on the funk and mellows out with some of Colors and grammy winner Morning Phases before an ace medley that includes the “Three’s Company” theme and ends with one of his earliest songs, aka covering all bases on an arena tour – B+

Britney Spears – Significantly more songs than her Vegas residency, all points everywhere but not enough from her earliest moments – B+

David Byrne – Heavy on the Talking Heads! six out of 16!! – B+

Janelle Monáe – Heavy, heavy, heavy on Dirty Computer… fortunately it is her best album – B+

Janet Jackson – A masterclass in setlist building with a huge 29 song salute to her entire career, including a late set “Scream” -the Michael Jackson duet – A

Joan Baez – Another farewell tour and pretty good, there is “Joe Hill” and where is “Love Is Just A Four Letter Word”? Bummer – B+

Paul Simon – His final tour and 26 songs doesn’t scratch the surface, and three songs from Dazzling Blue, two songs from There Goes Rhymin’ Simon. Come off it, this is not an album tour, it is a summation… – B

Smashing Pumpkins – The Billy the early days includes 14 songs between Siamese Dreams and Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness  – B

Taylor Swift – As per normal, mostly Reputation, with odds and sods thrown in for taste…. unfortunately, Reputation isn’t Speak Now – B

The Carters – Don’t let the 36 song setlist impress you too much, hip hop is happy with a verse and a chorus, but let this deep dive into every crevice of the duo’s career blow you away – A-


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