Richard Boch’s Mudd Club Party at The Roxy with the Bush Tetras, Monday, October 16th, 2017, Reviewed

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Straight to the bar and a double Jameson and Coke. Not my usual-usual, but I’d walked straight into the cool kids club. I’m an impostor, a poseur, a fraud in a room where my insecurity registers the chill all around me.
But what a fun night! I shut that shiz down, shyness do not vex me so! I took my time machine to the Mudd Club. Richard Boch was right there, overseeing it all. Fortunately for me, I got in the door!

Since becoming Andy (New York Rocker) Schwartz’s girlfriend, my Facebook stock has risen considerably and I have a leg up in this New York social food chain.

It was a night to celebrate the great success of Richard Boch’s The Mudd Club book. As I wasn’t there the first time around, there were lots of people present I’ve only read about: Bob Gruen, Dustin Pittman, Marcia Resnick, Clem Burke, and I got to chit-chat a short time with Jay Dee Daugherty until I ran off to hang with my new BFF, designer Joann Berman, which is so great to have a real friend who’s got your back.

We ran up to dance to the always most awesome Bush Tetras, me flailing away like my 19 year old hyperactive self only to learn from Joann that  I was moshing right in front of Marc Jacobs wearing a Balenciaga jacket! I was clueless the entire time.

It’s true, Sharon D’Lugoff does bike ride everywhere and I’m super jealous. I met new people but me being me means I won’t remember names until I meet you 2 or 3 times. Hat tip to Andy Cohen here- I have learned to say, “Nice to see you!’ rather than “Nice to meet you.” In a massive faux pas at My Own Birthday Party, I had a whole conversation with a woman who I talked to the entire time like I’d never seen her in my life until she dryly informed me that we’d had dinner together with our respective partners some months back.

But I digress. As he read, Richard Boch charmed his friends and admirers with visions of coke fueled nights, aloof celebs “Do you know WHO I AM??’ and the pigeon incident. Richard is thawanged in the shoulder by a dead pigeon launched at him by a big blonde woman with a throwing arm like Sandy Koufax. I have heard Richard read a couple times now and it is always a magical experience for me. Last night I was right there with him in the days of the Mudd Club and surrounded by the people who made it happen.

I guess you can’t get better than that. I wasn’t there the first time around, but I’m here now. I’m in New York City and it is just like I dreamed.




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