Ridley Scott Is Producing 'Springsteen & I’, A Documentary About The Boss From The Fans' Point Of View

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Ridley Scott of Alien, Blade Runner and Robin Hood fame (to cite only a few of his movies) is producing ‘Springsteen & I’, which will feature videos and photos from fans explaining why they think the boss is great, declaring their Bruce love and confessing how he changed their lives.

According to the trailer posted on Youtube, that you can already watch below, it seems it will be one hour and half of almighty Bruce worship, a long list of testimonies from his worldwide fan base, an endless series of prayers from the Springsteen church! I have always thought the fine line between rockstar’s fans and religious fanatics is kind of blurry, and in this trailer, there is even a woman holding a picture of Springsteen to his baby while saying ‘Daddy, daddy!’ for god’s sake! Of course, there’s also gonna be previously unseen concert footage, but that’s always the case.

What I get from this short one-minute-and-half tease, is a feeling of togetherness expressed by all these people, who are all united under the same unconditional love for the boss. Think what you want about Springsteen, but there’s obviously something special about him to command such a huge crowd. I have never seen him in concert, but I have watched numerous concert footages, and there is no denial there is a strong bond between him and his audience.

Music video director Baillie Walsh is directing the movie, Arts Alliance Media is putting it in theaters worldwide on July 22nd, and if you are one of these die-hard fans, you can even submit your own Springsteen pictures which will be used for the official poster of ‘Springsteen & I’.


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