Rihanna's Very Expensive New Album

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According to Gigwise, the very very expensive Unapologetic Platinum  edition will put you back a healthy $250. So what do you get for your buck?

"The platinum edition contains a number of exclusive items that won't be available to buy separately. It includes a copy of the album, along with a 2GB credit card-style USB, a unisex T-shirt with a Michael Muller photo printed on, and seven art print 12×15 lithographs. It will also contain three device adhesives featuring Rihanna's Unapologetic cover, logo and image, seven laptop stickers, a vinyl featuring remixes of her single 'Diamonds' and a View-Master containing 3D images depicting her style transformation. Finally, there will also be a 40-page custom Rihanna Notebook with handwritten notes, a personal note by Rihanna to her Navy and an exclusive fan mosaic poster."

I guess that's one way to up the money in a society where music has little value (the only thing with less value is music review websites, we can't even get any one to sell our advertising). It's not a bad idea but here is a better one: since modern pop is such a skeletal work, with layer after layer of sound added to the bare bones of a song, offering your friends real insites into how the songs are made via very early demos, especially with an artist like Rihanna, would be a real study in form. And worth $250.

Of course, the risk is that it will be very much a magician giving away her tricks, that once we see the bride stripped bare there will be no mystery left and the songs will be so translucence they will tear and be destroyed by the slightest touch, even the slightest sightings.

The fear with Rihanna, perhaps more then many of her contemporaries is that there is nothing really there with her. Her personality, or do I mean persona, is fixed in a stare it has nothing hidden underneath. She is, not unlike the way Donna Summer was seen, just a frame for producers to place their wears like a model on a runway wearing someone elses brand of clothing. ANd the thinner and taller and less descript the model, the easier to discern the fashion.


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