Robbie Williams at the Etihad in Manchester, England, Friday, June 2nd, 2017, Reviewed

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Emotions are running high at the moment in Manchester  after the attack last week at the Manchester Arena , so needless to say Robbie Williams was very emotional himself as he paid tribute to the victims  with his best selling song Angels, tears streaming down his face he shouted  “We are not fucking scared” his fans roared and cheered.

Robbie Williams is a true showman he talked of his childhood, his children and his life. Singing “Let me entertain you” and he sure did! 50,000 fans turned out to see him perform at Etihad Stadium Friday night, he even brought his Dad on stage and the two sang a duet “Sweet Caroline” which Robbie said is one of his favourite songs as his Dad use to sing it to him as a child. He paid tribute to his friend George Michael and sang one of Michaels songs “Freedom”

Tonight Robbie made his fans laugh, cry and dance it was a great show.  I just have one question for you Robbie, why the hell were you wearing a skirt? !!

Grade: A


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