Robin Thicke On The Today Show, Tuesday, July 30th, 2013, Reviewed

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Robin Thicke swaps shades





















It’s Tuesday, July 30, at the TODAY Show Concert for a special Tuesday concert. We are front and center when Robin Thicke hits the stage for his warm-up/sound check about 6:45A. He appears groggy, somewhat disheveled and in need of coffee. Did he party last night? He has 5 o’clock shadow, wearing sunglasses, black t-shirt & jeans and exudes sex appeal.

What makes him so damn sexy other than his obvious good looks? Maybe it’s songs like “Start With A Kiss” … private clubs, role playing, voyeurism, tickle me … or Give It 2 U … I wanna give it to you through the night, and make everything you fantasize come true, ooh baby (and those are the conservative lyrics).

Whatever it is, he is a crowd pleaser. During rehearsal, Robin came over to our group and swapped his sunglasses for a pair of TODAY sunglasses one of my daughter’s friends wore and posed for a picture with the girls before heading back out to finish practicing with the TODAY glasses and then returned for his glasses. He is a very charming, likeable guy … really likeable and has a beautiful smile.
Robin performed two songs – the very popular Blurred Lines and Take It Easy on Me. According to Robin, “Blurred Lines is very much about my wife. She’s a good girl, but wants to be a bad girl. … gradually over our marriage, I’ve turned her into a bad girl.” As told to Howard Stern. (Belfast Telegraph UK). In a recent interview on one of the entertainment shows his wife, Paula Patton, admitted to ‘practicing’ the songs in the bedroom allowing them to fine tune where necessary (not verbatim). Thicke is obviously committed to his craft and has the support of his wife!

Robin returned for the televised performance looking polished, after hair and make-up, dressed in a navy European cut suit and V-neck white t-shirt looking seductively handsome. His voice has an appealing roughness to it and he moves his body in the perfect way … not overdoing it. Shaking his backside toward the audience, enticing the mostly female crowd – twenty somethings to Mom’s dragging their kids …like me. The back-up dancers looked fabulous and moved perfectly. The band was great, especially the drummer, having fun and loving every minute!

Blurred Lines is a great dance song, super sexy … and Robin Thicke was a tease. Take It Easy on Me has a thumping beat best danced to in a club setting … if I only had more space. Shopping for your underwear did not go unnoticed by the girls. I just shrugged and continued my bopping.

Robin Thicke is scheduled to perform in Vegas, Toronto and Miami at smaller venues which is probably the only way I would want to experience his music/vibe – in a more intimate setting. I’m certainly no music expert nor have I any idea of an artist’s capability but instead enjoy listening and dancing to all kinds of music.

WOW! What an experience being at the TODAY Show Concert. Thanks to Iman, we had VIP passes and truly had the best spot in the house! It was great fun to see the TODAY show played out LIVE. Have to admit, I had no interest in being on television (not my personality) but loved being front row center and didn’t mind having the twenty year olds behind me screaming for attention (smelling like stale alcohol, having no regard for the age group around them, being pissy because we were ‘wasted’ on the front row. Fuck them!). We reaped the rewards of Robin Thicke and Matt Damon getting close for pictures and short exchanges. According to my friends and family, we were on TODAY. I didn’t tape it but have some great photos and memories. All I want to know is… what’s next!


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